St. Peter's colonnade on a cloudy day in Rome

reconstruction of Tatlin's 1921 monument to the Third International, seen in the Tretiakov Gallery of modern and contemporary art

Dr. Roann Barris

Prof. of Art History and Chair, Art Dept.

202 Porterfield; x. 6001; email:

modern art in a museum in Rome

Display in the Maiakovskii Museum

A little about me



I spent the fall of 2010 in Moscow teaching and doing research. Some of the pictures on this page are from that trip -- the Tatlin reconstruction, for example, and a view inside the amazing Maiakovskii Museum. Rome is another city I love. I've included a partial view of the Bernini colonnade in the Vatican piazza and a photograph of art in a Roman museum. My newest passion is for Dante and I hope to go to Florence soon.

Read my article on the life of the constructivist theatrical object in Russian theater in the March 2013 issue of the Theatre Journal.

Course Connections from before the days of D2L (they're not completely current but they may be helpful)


The Short Exhibition: planned by the Museum Studies class of spring 2013

ARTH420: 20th century Art History (spring 2012)

Dehn image folder


Barris's art history videos, made to acompany AR6: watch and enjoy (?); the longest is shorter than 20 minutes; most are about 10 - 15 minutes; they have images and narration (you'll need a video player of some sort)

1. Iconography

2. The Competition for the Doors

3. Analysis of the Arnolfini Portrait

4. Trecento Renaissance, introduction

5. Introduction to the Northern  European Renaissance

6. Perspective

7. Art and Anatomy

8. Nastagio degli Onesti

9. Durer

10. Versailles

11. Pastel Portraits

12. Architectural revivals

13. Photography introduction


My STITAH Videos

Videos on Technical Art History: these videos were made at a workshop in July 2015, sponsored by the Kress Foundation and Yale University. I did not edit them  or plan them: I turned on my phone or my tablet and hit record. They are all very short because I was concerned about using up my battery and in some cases, three or four together capture most of a lecture. But inevitably there are blank spaces. Also note that when I was filming someone's power point,  the screen often showed up as white light on my computer, even if there was color in the original.  The names for each video will give you an idea of which pieces go together to more or less make a whole!

The exceptional were carried out at the IPHC of Yale University, with the presenters primarily being Jens Stenger, Aniko Bezur, and Erin Mysak. Others were involved and those of us in the workshop are indebted to all of them.

1. Analyzing Gentile's blue

2.  Computer radiography imaging (crim) 1

3.  CRIM 2

4.  CRIM alternative

5. Electron microscopy

6. Elemental analysis

7. Infrared analysis, Huntington murals 1

8. Infrared, Huntington 2

9. Infrared, Huntington 3

10. Ramen, microscopy

11. Rothko murals 1

12. Rothko 2

13. Rothko 3

14. Spectroscopy

15. Spectroscopy 2

16. Xray of a painting