ITEC 420: Student Survey

  1. Name

  2. Circle your class: Fr, So, Jr, Sr

  3. Circle your concentration(s): CSCS, CSDB, CSNW, CSSE, ISIS, ISWD, Security Certificate

  4. When did you take 122 (Discrete Math), who was your instructor, and what was your grade?

  5. Have you taken ITEC 360 (Algorithms)

  6. Circle one: I have taken / am taking / have not taken ITEC 380 (Programming Languages)

  7. What other ITEC courses are you taking this semester?

  8. Please give me some idea how familiar are you with the following concepts:
  9. Topic Piece of cakeKinda Iffy I've Seen itWhat's that?
    Proof by contradiction        
    Proof by induction        
    Finite automata (aka finite state machines)       
    Regular Expressions        

  10. Anything else you'd like to tell me?