H Drive, Unix, and the Command Line

Your H Drive

What is Mapping Your H Drive and Why Do It?

Mapping Your H Drive

Accessing your H Drive from Off Campus

Accessing Rucs and What is a Shell

VPN Client Required

Windows: Use Putty to Access Rucs

Accessing from a Mac or Linux System

What is a Terminal Window?

What is a Shell?

Command Line Commands

Command Line Commands

ps - Query Processes

Current Shell

Command Line Options

More on Command Line Options

  • Questions: How to show how many processes and how to show one screenful at a time?

  • Pipes

    less - Display a Screen at a Time

    man - Get Help on a Command

    Directories (ie Folders)

    Directory Definition

    Path - Absolute and Relative

    Current Directory

    Home Directory

    Special Directories

    Completion and Command Line Editing

    Directory Related Commands

    pwd - Print Working Directory

    cd - Change Directory

    ls - List Files

    * - Wild Cards

    mkdir and rmdir - Make and Remove a Directory

    File Commands

    cat, more, less, head, tail - viewing files

    cp - Copy

    mv - Move or Rename a File

    rm - Remove a File


    Job Control

    diff, grep, wc - compare, search, count a file

    Redirect Input and/or Output

    Startup Files