-- This program illustrates the use of both command line arguments (for the
-- eternally curious) and of I/O from named files.

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
with Ada.Float_Text_IO; use Ada.Float_Text_IO;
with Ada.Command_Line; use Ada.Command_Line;
procedure Text is
    Input_File, Output_File : File_Type;

    Number : Float;
    -- Example of opening, closing, and doing I/O with named files.
    Open (File => Input_File, Mode => In_File, Name => "Data_File");
    Create (File => Output_File, Mode => Out_File, Name => "Result_File");

        exit when End_Of_File (Input_File);
        Get (File => Input_File, Item => Number);
        Put (File => Output_File, Item => Number);
        New_Line (File => Output_File);
    end loop;

    Close (File => Input_File);
    Close (File => Output_File);

    -- Example of getting file names from the command line and then
    -- appending the string "APPENDED" to each one.
    for I in 1..Argument_Count loop
        Put (Item => "Appending to file '");
        Put (Item => Argument(I));
        Put_Line (Item => "'.");

        -- Open will raise an ADA.IO_EXCEPTIONS.NAME_ERROR expection
        -- if the file named by Argument(I) does not already exist.
        Open (File => Output_File,
              Mode => Append_File, Name => Argument(I));

        Put_Line (File => Output_File, Item => "APPENDED");
        Close (File => Output_File);
    end loop;
    Put (Item => "This program was invoked by using the command '");
    Put (Item => Command_Name);
    Put_Line (Item => "'.");

end Text;