Introduction to Records

Records - The Bottom Line

Example: A Type for a Pair of Integers

Example: Java Class Pair

Example: Ada Record Type Pair

Declaration, Allocation, Default Values, Initialization, Aggregate Assignment

Declaration and Allocation of Variables

Default Values


Aggregate Assignment

New Operations

Operations and Reference and Value Semantics

Record Operations

Remember Reference and Value Semantics

Assignment and Equality Operations

Reference and Value Semantics

References, Aliases, and Debugging

Records as Parameters

Records as Parameters

Swapping Pairs in Java

Records with functions (and Redefining Operators!)

New Operations and Abstract Data Types

Record Operations

Defining New Operations

Defining Abstract Data Types (ADTs)

Perspective: Terms, Composite Types

Record: The Term

Record and Classes: Both Define Composite Types

Records and Classes: Similar but Significant Differences

Up Next

Up Next