Procedures and Functions

Procedures and Functions, and Scope

Java Methods

Procedure and Functions


Mutual Recursion

Global Declarations and Variables

WARNING: Unitialized Variables

Functions and Strong Typing

Function Calls as Arguments

Expression Functions


Parameter Modes

Parameter Modes and Java

Parameters Modes and Information Flow

Parameter Modes - In and Out Modes

Example with In Mode and Out Mode

Example with In Out Mode Parameters

Why Parameter Modes

Modes: Initialization, Constants, Modification

Parameter Modes Improve Error Detection

Parameter Mode vs Parameter Passing Mechanism

Procedure vs Function

Functions are Values; Procedures are Statements

Java and C Can Ignore Expression Results

Procedures or Functions: Which to use

Recursive Routines

Recursive Routines

Mutually Recursive Routines

Mutually Recursive Routines - Problem solved

Mutually Recursive Routines - Problem Solved