Definition: Client of a Package

Packages + Records = Classes

Java Class Pair

Ada Type Pair in Package PairPkg

PairPkg: Requires TWO Files

Spec and Body Consistency

PairPkg Client

PairPkg Client - Without the Use Statement

Packages: Normal Compilation

More on Compiling Packages

Java Access Control: Make Fields x and y Private

Ada Access Control: Make Type Pair Private

Visibility of Package to Client

Package Visibility Between Spec and Body

Now Add More Methods/Subroutines

Implicit (Java) vs Explicit (Ada) Parameters

Conflating Modules and Types

Comparison: Types, Classes and Packages

Comparision of Classes and Packages: Classes

Comparision of Classes and Packages: Packages

Summary: Ada Package Specification

Summary: Ada Package Body

Summary: Ada Package Client

Summary of Visibility of Packages

Packages: Summary Overview

Some Sample Packages

Compiling Package Specs and Bodies Independently

Compiling Client and Package Specs Without Body