-- pragma Ada_2012;
with ada.text_io; 
procedure colors  is 
    use ada.text_io;  -- Use can be in declaration section

    -- Enumeration type definition
    type Color is (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, purple);
    type Days is (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday);

    subtype Week_Days is Days range Monday .. Friday;

    -- Create (at compile time) a new package for IO of colors
    -- Uses generic package Enumeration_IO in Text_IO.
    -- Red is a NEWly created LITERAL in the language
    -- A literal is a sequence of characters that represents itself
    -- Examples: 5, true, 2.1, true, 'a', "A"
    -- vs Expressions. Examples: 2+3, 2<3, 1+1.1, not false, 'a', "A"& "B"
    package Color_IO is new Ada.Text_IO.Enumeration_IO(Color);
    use Color_IO;   -- We
    package Days_IO is new Ada.Text_IO.Enumeration_IO(Days);
    use Days_IO;   -- We

    -- c: Color := Monday; -- Doesn't work: strongly typed
    -- c: Color := 1;  -- Compile error
    c: Color;
    put("Enter your favorite color: ");
    put("Your favorite color is " );
    put("The next color is" & Color'Succ(c)'img );
    put_line("I like " & c'img & "too!");
    if c = red then
        put("You're a red kind of person");
    end if;
    -- if c > Color'Val(Color'Pos(Color'First) + Color'Size/2)
    -- if c > Color'Val(Color'Pos(Color'First) +
        -- (Color'Pos(Color'Last) - Color'Pos(Color'First))/2)
    if c > yellow
        put("You're a large color type of person");
        put("You're a small color type of person");
    end if;
    when Data_Error => 
        put_line("Invalid Color!  Valid colors are:");
        for somecolor in Color loop
        -- for somecolor in Color'Range loop
        end loop;
end colors;