Arrays: Overview

Array Variables, Bounds, Aggregates, Range Subtypes

Two Sample Programs

Simple Array Declaration

Array Bounds are Flexible

Enumerated Types can be Array Bounds

Aggregate Assignment

Aggregate Assignment with Keywords

Aggregate: Compared with Java

Subtypes for Array Ranges

Array Types, Attributes, and Looping

Array Types - Anonymous and Named

Array Attributes

Subtype Attributes

Other Ways to Loop Over an Array

Advantages of Named Array Types

Parameters of Array Type

Array Assignment, Comparison

Array Assignment and Equality Test: Reference and Value Types

Java Array Operations

Array Assignment and Equality Tests

Reference and Value Semantics

Filling the array using integer_text_io.Get (sumcountprocs2.adb)

Array Flexibility: Declare Blocks and Unconstrained Arrays

True or False?

True or False?

Arrays with Fixed Bounds

Passing Array Size as a Parameter

Declare Blocks

Unconstrained Arrays

Advantages of Unconstrained Arrays

Unconstrained Arrays as Parameters

Declare Blocks and Unconstrained Arrays

Array Concatenation, Strings, and Array Slices



More Information on Strings

Array Slices

Slices as Parameters

Strings are Mutable

A Little More on Array Slices

Multidimensional Arrays

Multidimensional Array