Welcome to my undergraduate thesis, Video Games and Gender: Game Representation, Gender Effects, Differences in Play, and Player Representation. The idea for this paper stemmed from the combination of my love of video games, interest in gender studies, and my professor's request to focus on gender in my thesis course.

While there are numerous approaches to video games and their effects on society today, I will focus specifically on different aspects of video games and gender. What is the range of genders depicted in video games today? What effects does gender representation in video games have on children as well as adult players? How does game content affect each gender? What differences in game play exist between genders? How do players represent their gender when playing video games?

Working towards my graduate degree, I intend to focus my research on Massively Multiplayer Online Rolelplaying Games (MMORPGs) and to develop certain aspects of this paper into published articles.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Thank you and enjoy!


Michele Zorrilla
astonishedcow at gmail dot com
June 2011

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