Weathering and Landforms Topics

Landforms in Virginia (Part 3)

Valley and Ridge

• The Valley and Ridge is made up of long, linear valleys and intervening sharp ridges that trend northeast.  Maximum elevations in the Valley and Ridge are over 4000 feet.

McAfee Knob view
View from McAfee's Knob showing parallel ridges and valleys. (Photograph by Phyllis Newbill)

Parallel ridges and valleys make up the Valley and Ridge province.  These parallel features can be seen in this photograph from McAfee’s Knob in Roanoke County.


Appalachian Plateaus

• The Appalachian Plateaus are a series of plateaus dissected into deep, narrow valleys and steep, rugged mountain sides.  Maximum elevations are over 4000 feet.

Russell Fork River
Russell Fork valley in Dickenson County (Photograph by Robert Whisonant)

MapThe Appalachian Plateaus are made up of  rugged mountains and deep valleys.  This topography can be seen along the Russell Fork River in Dickenson County, shown above.