Weathering and Landforms Topics

Groundwater (Part 4)

Karst Topography (continued)

Disappearing Streams

• Disappearing streams are surface streams that flow underground into solution cavities.

Sinking Creek
Sinking Creek, Giles County (Photograph by E.H. Kastning)

Sinking Creek
(Photographs by E.H. Kastning)

MapSinking Creek, in Giles County, is a disappearing or "sinking" stream.  Along its course it drops from a flowing stream to a trickle, and finally to a dry bed.  The photographs above show the creek at various flood levels at the same location.


Natural Bridges and Tunnels

• Natural bridges and tunnels are parts of a cave roof left after the collapse of other sections of the cave.

Natural Tunnel
Natural Tunnel in Scott County (Photograph by Robert Whisonant)

MapNatural Tunnel State Park, in Scott County, is a very large karst feature.  This tunnel is so large that a railroad goes through it.