Valley and Ridge Physiography Topics

1. Regional Setting
2. Extent and Boundaries
3. Characteristic Features
4. Drainage
5. Scenic Tour
Introduction to Physiography
Coastal Plain
Mesozoic Basins
Blue Ridge
Valley and Ridge
Appalachian Plateaus
Virginia's Rivers


Valley and Ridge General Physiography: Extent and Boundaries (Part 2)

• South of Roanoke to the Tennessee state line, the Great Valley is significantly higher and has more small ridges than the Great Valley in central and northern Virginia.

Two photographs contrating parts of the Great Valley in Virginia. Above photograph shows the Shenandoah Valley in Augusta County, with low relief and elevations. (Photograph by Stan Johnson)

Above photograph shows the Great Valley near Radford. The elevation is higher south of Roanoke because the Great Valley is in higher drainage basins. More relief is present because the rocks are more faulted and the presence of different kinds of rocks creates more broken-up topography. (Photograph by Robert Whisonant)

difference in elevation between the lowest and highest points in an area