Structures In Rocks Topics

Structures in Virginia Rocks (Part 3)

Valley and Ridge

• The Valley and Ridge is made up of sedimentary rocks folded into anticlines and synclines and broken by many thrust faults.

Eagle Rock folds
Folds at Eagle Rock (Photograph by Robert Whisonant)

MapAnticlines and synclines are found throughout the Valley and Ridge.  These folds are found near Eagle Rock in Botetourt County.




Appalachian Plateaus

• The Appalachian Plateaus are underlain by nearly flat-lying sedimentary rocks with broad, gentle folds and some faults.

Flat-lying rocks at Breaks Interstate Park
Horizontally-lying rocks at Breaks Interstate Park (Photograph by Robert Whisonant)

MapThese flat-lying rocks can be seen at Breaks Interstate Park in Dickenson County.