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Common Metamorphic Rocks (Part 2)


Schist is a medium- to high-grade metamorphic rock.  It is usually shiny and crinkled.

Kyanite Schist
Kyanite Schist (Photograph by Stan Johnson)

MapThis sample is from Buckingham County.





Gneiss is a high-grade metamorphic rock characterized by alternating bands of dark and light minerals.

GneissesGneisses (Photographs by Stan Johnson)

MapThese samples are from Hanover County (left) and Buckingham County (right).





Amphibolite is a hornblende-rich foliated metamorphic rock that indicates medium- to high-grade metamorphism.

AmphiboliteAmphibolite (Photograph by Bill Henika)

MapThis amphibolite is from Halifax County.