Minerals Topics


Minerals are the building blocks of rocks.  They form in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.  This chapter includes discussions of the definition of mineral, the major mineral groups, mineral identification techniques, Virginia minerals, and tips for collecting minerals.

Main topics in this chapter:

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1.3  Major Mineral Groups

1.4  Selected Virginia Minerals

1.5  Tips for Mineral Collecting

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  Human East Coast Oyster Dogwood
Kingdom Animalia Animalia Plantae
Phylum Chordata Mollusca Tracheophyta
Class Mamalia Pelecypoda Angiospermae
Order Primata Eulamellibranchia Atiales
Family Hominidae Osrteidae Cornaceae
Genus Homo Ostrea Cornus
Species H. sapien O. virginica C. florida