English 420


English 420: Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory 

Dr. Jolanta Wawrzycka

CHBS Building 4117. E-mail: jolanta@radford.edu

ABOUT THE COURSE:  We will read selected texts of literary criticism from Plato/
Aristotle to the present. The goal is to introduce you to reading of literature through a particular critical/theoretical lens. We will do so by learning about some of the historical and cultural contexts in which thinking about language and literature had developed, but, more importantly, this course will help you learn how critical and theoretical readings are constructed by scholars.

Typically, this course uses the following textbooks and resources:

The Vatican Library © Jolanta Wawrzycka

  1. Bullet Dobie, Ann B., Theory into Practice. 3rd. ed.

  2. Bullet Guerin et al. A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature.

  3. Bullet Leitch et al, Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. 2nd ed.

  4. Bullet Abrams, M. H.,  Glossary of Literary Terms. 10th. ed.

  5. Bullet Joyce, James, Dubliners (Viking Critical ed).      

  6. Bullet Ferber, A Dictionary of Literary Symbols

My James Joyce webpages may be of help as we study Dubliners:

The Joyce of  Dublin 

Clongowes Wood College


Galway - Nora Barnacle's House

Full Course Syllabus is available on D2L.

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