Zeke, our first dog, was born in March of 1997 in Kingsport, TN, and came to us very shortly thereafter.  He was a pure-bred yellow labrador from breeders Mike and Lisa Milhorn.  After a good and happy life, and a last Christmas with the entire family at Claytor Lake State Park, Zeke passed away in December of 2008.

Dodger was our second dog, a black labrador and came to us as a stray from the waiting list at the Humane Society.  We were never sure how old she was but she spent almost 10 years with us before passing away in March 2008.

Cocoa was our third dog.  Cocoa was a chocolate lab from local breeder Brian Simmers.  She passed away in December of 2011 at 12 years old.  Cocoa was our wild child until she became our only child.  In her later years, she was the perfect dog!

Jessie is the newest addition to the family.  She is a purebred black lab from the same breeders as our first dog, Zeke (Mike and Lesa Milhorn).

Boo is a pure-bred black labrador born on Halloween, 2008, from breeders Mike and Lisa Milhorn.  Unfortunately, Cocoa rejected the adoption of a baby brother and Boo is now in a new home in Tennessee.  Kirby was a purebred yellow lab that we kept for six months while her family was away.