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Sam and Sue flip coins

You will write a driver program which uses the Coin class. Download and put it in the same place as you put your lab11 java file.

Wrtie a driver which simulates this game between Sam and Sue: Sam and Sue each have a coin. They are going to flip their coins 20 times. If both coins are the same, it's a tie. If the coins are different, heads wins. Count the number of times sam wins, the number of times sue wins, and the number of ties. Report who is the overall winner.

A sample run will look like this:

Sue won 4 tosses, and
Sam won 3 tosses.
There were 13 ties.

Congratulations Sue!

Another sample run:

Sue won 5 tosses, and
Sam won 8 tosses.
There were 7 ties.

Congratulations Sam!

You will want to print out the value of each coin while you test your program to make sure your counts are correct. You can comment out those lines later.