Karma is Real

No, it's not some mystical force of the universe that restores balance, punishes evil-doers, and rewards the meek. Two examples of real Karma, one small, one bigger:

Thus: Karma is a real social/psychological reaction: If you go around willing to help people -- putting nickles in expired parking meters, helping friends move, and taking time to be friendly -- those people will be a bit nicer to others (if nothing else, less embittered), and are themselves more willing to help others. In turn, these people are your community; you're liable to run into them (or those they've influenced), and you end up with a healthy community.

Of course, there is negative karma as well: times when i've needed help and been turned down or ridiculed, makes me less willing to help others. Actually, sometimes just the perception that people won't help me makes me less inclined to stick my neck out for anybody else. Thus, the difficult part of karma is that it needs a small amount of energy to keep going: If I take the initiaitive to be kind in small ways, without expectation of returned favors, only then do I help karma flow around my community, returning to me unexpectedly.

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