(Some Ammo Against?) Grammar Police

I like to pretend that I have a decent grasp of English, but have recently found myself surprised -- either by claims of others that my usage is incorrect, or just discovering words whose definitions I didn't (fully) know. If you similarly enjoy grammar nit-picking, you may or may not already to know about common (claims of) misusage of:

See also confusingwords.com. Most information here is taken from from the (very nice) American Heritage College Dictionary (1993), and the on-line Merriam-Webster Dictionary. For Rice U. members, here's the OED. Of course, there are also pages of pages of language references; I like the Atlanta Desk Reference.

I was also surprised at some misspellings I hadn't even known I'd had.

For a refutation of many specific violations of prescriptive grammar, see excerpts from Stephen Pinker's The Language Instince.

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