Political Articles and Professional Papers on the Need, Hope, and Effective Potential for Planetary Democracy

by Glen T. Martin

(all papers are copyrighted)


(The most recent articles appear at the top in this list)

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110. Democracy in Venezuela (written after returning from Venezuela in March 2016)


109. The Socialist Imperative and Our Global Social Contract (Paper posted on Academia.edu and on Oneworldrenaissance.com.January 2017)


108. Democracy and Our Global Social Contract (Paper posted on Academia.edu and on Onewworldrenaissance.com. November 2016)


107. The Human Community and Our Global Social Contract (Paper posted on Academia.edu and Oneworldrenaissance.com. November 2016)


106. Human Rights and Our Global Social Contract (Paper posted on Academia.edu and Oneworldrenaissance.com. October 2016)


105. Human Dignity and Our Global Social Contract (Paper posted on Academia.edu and Oneworldrenasissance.com, October 2016)


104. Legitimate Political Authority and Our Global Social Contract (Paper posted on Academia.edu and Oneworldrenaissance.com, September 2016)


103. Global Ethics and Our Global Social Contract (Paper posted on Academia.edu and Oneworldrenaissance.com, September 2016)


102. The Nature and Function of Our Global Social Contract (Paper posted on Academia.edu and Oneworldrenaissance.com, September 2016)


101. Fundamental Principles of Human Liberation (Paper posted on Academia.edu and Oneworldrenaissance.com, September 16)


100.  Global Holism and Educational Transformation: Our Way Forward to a World of Peace, Social Justice, and Sustainability (Keynote address for CCEAM Conference, Udaipur, India, Sept. 19-21, 2016)


99. From State Department Madness to Empire of Chaos to Climate Collapse: The Missing Element is Human Unity (published at OpEd News, )


98. The Deeper Roots of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atrocities (published at OpEd News, 6 June 2016)


97. The Left Needs a Vision: A Response to Chris Hedges, Sheldon Wolin, and Pepe Escobar (published at OpEd News, 10 May 2016)


96.  Empire of Chaos meets Global Dracula: Trashing Democracy: Where Do We Go from Here? (published at OpEd news May 2016)


95. "Gandhi's Satyagraha and the Earth Constitution" (professional paper posted on academia.edu, April 2016)


94. "Love, Dignity, and Practical Utopia" (professional paper posted on academia.edu, April 2016)


93. "Love, Cosmic Holism, and the Challenge of Democratic World Law" (keynote address for the Universal Love and Brotherhood Assoc. International Conference, 18-21 May 2016, Bangkok, Thailand)


92. "Reinhart Ruge - In Memorandum" (sent to WCPA email listings, March 2016)


91. "Social Democracy in Venezuela, Latin America, and the World" (posted on-line with OpEd News, Reader Supported News, and oneworldrenaissance.com, March 2016)


90. "Patterns of Thought and Human Survival: Holism vs. Fragmentation" (posted on-line with OpEd News and on Oneworldrenaissance.com, January 2016)


89.  "Global Democracy Manifesto" a Critque" (posted on-line and widely distributed)


88. The Uniqueness of Islam and the Earth Constitution (presentation at conference on "Reconfiguring Interfaith Understanding," Future of Islam, Aligarth, India, 17 December 2015


87. The New Holism: A Guide for the Preservation and Redemption of Human Life     (posted on-line at Reality Sandwich: http://realitysandwich.com/318869/the-new-holism-a-guide-for-the-preservation-and-redemption-of-human-life/   October 2015)


86. Love, Cosmic Holism, and Democratic World Law


85. The New Sustainable Development Goals and Global Schizophrenia (published on Reader Supported News and OpEd News, October 2015)


84. The Presuppositional Status of Democratic World Law and the Holistic Moral Demand for an Earth Constitution (professional paper published with the World Government Research Network, Sept. 2015)


83. American Violence and the Commonwealth of God (published on OpEd News, Sept. 2015)


82.  Building the New World under the Earth Constitution (published in the Shift Network Newsletter, July 2015)


81. Impact of the New Philosophical Holism on Economics: Household Management on a Global Scale (July 2015)


80. Human Spirituality and the Earth Constitution (May 2015, distributed widely on-line)


79. Trans-Pacific Partnership versus National Sovereignty: A False Dilemma (published on-line with Oped News and Reader Supported News, May 2015)


78. Freedom and the Rule of Law: Our Civilizational Choice between Death and Life (Published on-line with World-wide Peace Organization, WWPO, April 2015)


77. The Ethical Foundations and Curricular Principles of Global Education (paper for WPF Brainstorming Conference on Global Education, April 2015)


76. Can Religion and Culture bring Harmony and Peace?: Today's Holism as Laying the Foundations for a Planetary Earth Federation (Paper submitted for the International Philosophers for Peace Conference within the World Thinkers and Writers Peace Meet, Kolkata, India, December 2015)


75. The Meaning of Global Spirit (Paper at Grand Global Peace Meet, Bangalore, India, January 2015)


74. Holism, Fragmentation, and Our Endangered Future: A New Vision and a New Hope (February 2015, scholarly paper posted on Academica.edu)


73. Changing the System Requires Seeing It Clearly (January 2015)

72. Climate Marches May Well Promote, Not Prevent, Climate Collapse (October 2014)

71. Nepal and the Future of Humankind (August 2014)

70. Harmony and the Rule of Law (July 2014, professional paper)

69. Education and Human Futurity (July 2014)

68. Human Rights Protection within a Holistic World System (June 2014)

67. The Ethics and Politics of Holism: Embracing a Transformed Future for the Earth (June 2014, professional paper)

66. Global Robocop, a Multipolar World, and Climate Collapse: How to Think Outside the Box (May 2014)

65. In Memory of Kevin Edds (April 2014)

64. The Moral Collapse of U.S. and Global Society- and the Necessary Conditions for Rebirth (April 2014)

63.    Planetary Maturity and Our Global Social Contract (March 2014)

62.   World Order and the Rule of Law: From Disorder, No Order Can Emerge (March 2014, professional paper)

61. NSA Spying, Secrecy, and the Totalitarian Threat (February 2014)

60. The USA Project of World Domination and the Earth Constitution (July 2013) is published at


59. The Urgent Need for a World Constitution (May 2013)

58. “Terrorism” and the Plans for Absolute Tyranny within the US: Our Need for a New Image of Human Liberation (May 2013)


57. Global Freedom and Democratic World Law-Actualizing our Right to Planetary Peace (May 2013, professional paper) is published at:


56. Urgent Need for a World Constitution (May 2013)

55. The “Double Blowback” and Why Progressives Fail to Learn from It (May 2013)

54. Turning Our Bleak Future into Real Hope and Action (Mar. 2013)

52.  The U.S. Global Assassinations and the Rule of Law (Feb. 2013)

51. The “Power” of World Government: The New Holistic Paradigm Embedded in the Earth Constitution (Jan. 2013)

50.  Interfaith Harmony and the Earth Federation Movement (Dec. 2012)

49. Democracy and a Liberated World System: Actualizing the Progressive Forces Available Today (Dec. 2012)

48. The Legitimacy and Necessity of the Earth Constitution (Dec.2012)

47. The Universal Rule of Law versus Worldwide Liquid War: Civilization or Barbarism?  (Dec.2012)

46. Drones and Terror Wars: Attacking the Heart of Civilization Itself and What We Can Do About It (Nov.2012)

45. May Day, Occupy, and a Sane Future for Humanity (May 2012)

44. Imperial Wars, Nation-states, and the Global Threat to Human Freedom (Mar. 2012)

43. The American Empire and the Struggle for Human Liberation (Feb.2012)

42. The Occupy Movement, Political Discourse, and Our Endangered Human Future (Feb.2012)

41. What must be done to "Occupy Everything" (Dec.2011)

40. A Decent World Order Cannot Come from Disorder:
The Elements of Global Order and Disorder
(Dec. 2011)

39. Occupy Everything     (Nov. 2011)

38. Occupy Wall Street and the Legitimacy of Government (Nov. 2011)

37. Economic Demands of the 99% (Nov. 2011)

36. Overthrowing the 1% (Nov. 2011)

35. The Humanism of Democratic World Law versus a Totalitarian Pax Americana (Oct. 2011)

34. Occupy Wall Street Through a Global Social Contract (Oct. 2011)

33. Wall-Street Protests: What is Really Progressive? (Oct. 2011)

32. Global Problems, Human Needs, and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (June 2011)

31. Democratic Springtime 2011 (10 April 2011)

30. Freedom, Economic Prosperity, and the Earth Constitution (2010)

29.  Swami Vivekananda and the Earth Federation Movement (2010, professional paper)

28.  Gandhi's Satyagraha and a Federated World Order (2009)

27. Universal Creativity and Human Liberation: The Three Self-correcting Orientations Required for Human Survival   (Buddhism and the Earth Federation)

26.  Ten Aspects of a Revolutionary Praxis (Powerpoint presentation with excerpts from Chapter Fourteen of Millennium Dawn and photos, April 2007)

25.  The Left in Never-Never Land and the Path to Effective World Revolution (an essay based on three fundamental principles, April 2007)

24.  Activating World Law (The work of the Provisional World Parliament in relation to the International Criminal Court, April 2007)

23.  Unity in Diversity: Global Transformation from Deep Violence to Deep Nonviolence  (Paper presented at the Global Nonviolence International Conference, James Madison University, April 2007)

22.  The Introduction to World Revolution Through World Law  (Institute for Economic Democracy Press, 2005)

21.  The Movement World Toward Democratic World Government:  Slow Evolution versus Rapid Transformation  (February, 2006)

20.  How to Prevent the Slide into World War III  (Paper presented at the American Monetary Reform Conference, Chicago, October 2005)

19.   The Democratic Foundations of World Law (Chapter 9 of Ascent to Freedom, forthcoming with Institute for Economic Democracy Press, 2007)

18.   The Philosophy of Nonviolence and World Revolution Through World Law  (February 2005) (Published in Martin, World Revolution Through World Law, 2005)

17.  Islam and the Political Unification of Humanity (Published in the on-line Journal "The Future of Islam," www.futureislam.com, October 2004)

16.  The Political Legitimacy of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (September 2004)

15.  A Democratically Created Constitution for the Earth? (September 2004)

14.   Economics and the Earth Constitution (Presented at the World Peace Congress, Kolkata, January 2005)

13.  Three Reasons Why it is Immoral to Serve in the Military of any Nation-state (August 2004)

12.   A Founded World Order Versus an Evolved World Order (Opening Speech at the Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament, Lucknow, India, August 2004)

11.   The Roots of Terrorism in the Sovereign Nation-State and the Path to a Secure World Order (Presented to the Eighth Provisional World Parliament, Lucknow, India, August 2004, published in Martin, World Revolution Through World Law, 2005)

10.  The Philosophy of Anarchism versus the Philosophy of Democratic World Government (Written for a discussion with the Coalition for Justice, Blacksburg, Virginia, May 2004)

9.  The Route to Global Peace: Democratic World Government and a Specific Plan for Economic Conversion  (Presented to International Philosophers for Peace Conference, "World Peace Thinkers Meet," Calcutta, 2000) (copyright 2004)

8.  Marx's Dialectical Phenomenology and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth   (Presented to the Cuban-North American Philosophers Conference, Havana, Cuba, June 2001) (copyright 2004)

La Fenomenologia Dialectica de Marx y la Constitucion por la Federacion de la Tierra (Spanish translation)

7.  Global Crisis, Cuban Realities, and The Future Of Sovereign Nation States  (Presented to the Cuban-North American Philosophers Conference, Havana, Cuba, June 2000 (copyright 2004)

6.  From: A Planetary Paradigm for Global Government   (In Toward Genuine Global Governance, Harris and Yunker, eds., Praeger, 1999)

5.   From: Gandhi and World Government  (In Bhavan's Journal, India, May 2003.  Reprinted in World Union Quarterly, September 2003)

4.   Subverting the Coming Totalitarianism: Beyond Resistance to Liberation (Editorial adopted as a policy statement of the Seventh Provisional World Parliament, Chennai, India, December 2003)

3.   A Beacon of Hope in Dark Times  (Editorial to Virginia newspapers)

2.   Three Stages in the Dialectical Realization of Democracy   (copyright 2004)   (Published in Across Frontiers - A WCPA/GREN Publication for Humanity, March-April, 1999 and May-June, 1999).

       Tres Etapas en la Realizacion Dialectica de la Democracia y la Constitucion para la Federacion del Planeta Tierra (Spanish translation)

1.  Audio talk in Libya at the 20th Anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Libya, April 15, 2006



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