has had many activities at the global level in 2011

(in addition to the numerous activities within local chapters around the world)

Here is an overview that includes our announcement for the Global Strategy Meeting and Celebration in Lucknow, India in December 2011


WCPA in Costa Rica

WCPA has been working for several years to establish Costa Rica as its primary Latin American Center for promoting the Earth Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement. We have been working with Celina Garcia, WCPA Vice-President and Director of the Center for the Study of Nonviolence in San Jose, to consolidate an active working group to promote the Earth Constitution throughout Latin America.

In May 2011, we gave lectures and seminars to political science students and faculty, as well as law students and faculty, in several universities. In a special project, the Earth Constitution in Spanish was sent, with a cover letter signed by Glen T. Martin and Celina Garcia, to all Latin American heads of state. The Constitution was also sent in Portuguese to the head of state in Brazil. The offices of several heads of state have since replied with thank you letters.

In September of this year, WCPA global leaders Glen T. Martin and Eugenia Almand will again be in Costa Rica for more than three weeks for programs, organized in conjunction with Celina Garcia, in the city of San Carlos, in the capital city of San Jose, and in various other locations within Costa Rica. Martin and Almand will be bringing 100 copies of the newly published book Una Constitutción para la Federación de la Tierra. El Manifiesto de la Federationción de la Tierra to Costa Rica for distribution.


Glen T. Martin and Eugenia Almand in Costa Rica, September 2011

This is the first time the Manifesto of the Earth Federation by Glen T. Martin (translated by Eugenia Almand and edited by Rita Martin) has been published in Spanish in a single volume along with the Earth Constitution in Spanish. The volume includes a new 2011 introduction by Martin. Just as the Earth Constitution has been published directly within India (by WCPA Vice-President, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and the City Montessori School of Lucknow) so WCPA hopes that this new volume can be published directly from Costa Rica and thereby distributed economically throughout Latin America.

WCPA already has a substantial number of quality books published by the Institute of Economic Democracy Press in the US. However, mailing costs from the US are so high that it is difficult to get this literature into the hands of interested people around the globe. For this reason, the organization is looking into publishing this material directly from Asia, Africa, or Latin America.


June 2011 – WCPA Lecture tour in south Asia

In India, in June, Glen T. Martin, Secretary-General of WCPA, gave an interview broadcast on Lucknow television discussing the global work of WCPA and the Earth Federation Movement. From there Martin flew to Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he gave a presentation on "Global Climate Crisis – Is 2012 the End?" As a consequence of this lecture, Martin may be returning to Sri Lanka in December for discussions with the environmental minister of that country.


Martin being interviewed on Lucknow TV


From Colombo, Martin flew to Chennai, India, home of the WCPA Headquarters for Asia, directed by Professor R. Ananthanaryanan, for a week long series of talks and events which included meeting with the head of World Union in Pondicherry. World Union is an arm of the Sri Aurobindo movement that works for world unity under a democratic Earth Constitution.

WCPA Chennai maintains elegant offices in a central area of Chennai.  During the several days in that area we visited the offices nearly every day.

Professor R. Anantharanayanan in the WCPA Chennai offices.



Martin gave a number of lectures in Chennai culminating in an all day series of lectures to hundreds of students and faculty entitled "Challenges to World Peace," organized at Jaya College of Arts and Sciences near Chennai. The WCPA chapter of Chennai and Tamil Nadu presented Martin with a magnificent "Lighthouse of the World" award, for his many years of work for world peace.


            Lighting the ceremonial candles of Peace at Jaya College of Arts and Science. Professor Ananthanarayanan presiding.

From Chennai, Martin flew to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he met with leaders of WCPA Bangladesh and a former Justice of the Bangladesh Supreme Court interested in the work of WCPA. From Dhaka, Martin flew back to Bangalore, India for an all day seminar with journalists, political scientists, and social activists organized by E.P. Menon, director of India Development Foundation and a strong supporter of the Earth Constitution. Martin returned to the U.S. by the end of June to begin preparations for a three day Institute on World Problems Seminar held at the end of July in New York State.


Some participants from the all-day seminar at the Janardana Hotel in Bangalore, India, June 25, 2011

IOWP July Seminar in the USA

In July, at a mountain retreat in New York State, the Institute on World Problems held a 3 day seminar for 16 prominent professors, peace thinkers, and civic leaders from around the US. The primary presenters for the seminar were Dr. Eugenia Almand and Dr. Glen Martin. Dr. Roger Kotila was present as a resource person representing the longest association with WCPA of anyone in the group.

Topics covered in the seminar included various failed strategies for dealing with the state of the world: standard debt-based economics and world trade organizations, World Bank and IMF strategies, global treaties, UN action, the historical World Federalist Movement and UN reform, and the lack of paradigm shift in all these strategies. By contrast, the seminar explained the character of the paradigm shift that will transform our human situation.

The seminar also included discussion of the many plans and strategies of IOWP and WCPA such as IOWP inter-organizational cooperation, the IOWP Web plan, the Earth Federation Funding Corporation and Earth Credit and Currency Legislation already accomplished by the Provisional World Parliament. Participants examined the development of Provisional World Government and Provisional World Parliament itself, provisional World Law and its function vis-à-vis the final World Parliament, and both the ratification campaign and the plans for founding ratification conventions for the Earth Constitution.

A number of participants left the seminar empowered and excited to move forward with what many believe is the most important movement on Earth today: the Earth Federation Movement.


WCPA Global Strategy Meeting

and participation in the International Conference of Chief Justices

Lucknow, India December 9-13, 2011

A WCPA strategy meeting and participation in the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World has been announced to the global membership of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA). These meetings will take place from December 9-13, 2011 at the World Unity Convention Center of the City Montessori School of Lucknow. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, founder/manager of CMS, has invited us to participate in this conference and to hold our global strategy meeting from 4:30 to 6:30 on December 13 at the Convention Center.

All persons who are signatories to the Earth Constitution are welcome to attend. Registration is free. Room and board for international guests will be provided at the Convention Center by CMS. Guests from within India should arrange their own lodging, although board will be provided at the Center. The Earth Constitution will be distributed and discussed at the conference and strategies for promoting it at the global strategy meeting on December 13. All persons must provide their own travel expenses to Lucknow. All WCPA participants must register both with CMS:


and with WCPA: gmartin@radford.edu.


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