Togo Seminar of the IOWP


Professor Dominique Balouki, Owner and Director of INSAK, the school where our seminar was held, gives his speech at the opening ceremonies.  Sitting on his right is a representative from the Togo Ministry of Education.



The audience at the opening ceremonies.  The hot African sun, makes awnings like this necessary at most public occasions.   The school, INSAK, is behind the audience.



Eugenia Almand, one of the three instructors for the Institute On World Problems seminar (along with Professor Balouki and myself), speaks to the seminar participants about the nature of world law and good government.



Some of the seminar participants on the balcony outside the classroom in Insak where the seminar was held.



Myself giving a speech during the closing ceremonies for the seminar.  On the left is my translator (into French) who is holding a copy of my speech in his hand.



Professor Balouki (in the striped coat) presenting the seminar completion certificate to participants at the closing ceremonies.



Some of the seminar participants pose with their certificates.  Dr. Balouki is at the front right.



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