A magnificent dam in the Pyrenees near the border with France




The lake made by the dam




Looking into the abyss on the back side of the dam




Some of the magnificent cliffs as one drives further into Spain




Many beautiful old cities and towns on the edge of cliffs as here.




On top if this mountain was a small Christian hermitage that I found.   There were no people around and everything was open, a wonderful spiritual life apart from the world.




Medieval looking bridges with drawbridges still characterize some of these beautiful towns.




At one time the tower in the middle of this bridge was closed at night or during periods of danger.




What must it be like for the people who live among these ancient churches and remnants of Medieval civilization as well as within this beauty?




I traveled south to the Monastery of Montseurat, in the mountains not far from Barcelona.   Here at one time monks lived in caves and crevices along sheer cliff faces.   Today it is a tourist attraction with a broad parking lot and trams to take people to the cliffs where monks once lived.    The campsite was full so I climbed out of sight onto this cliff face and pitched under this overhang.   You can see the rope at the bottom right of the tent which is one of the ropes I used to make sure I did not slip off the cliff face during the night.




The view from my tent site at Montseurat the next morning, looking off the mountain into the valley below.


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