This is the main hall of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in central Spain where I stayed with some colleagues from the Fourth Session of the Provisional World Parliament.   The evening after we arrived we held an incredible meditation session with drums, chanting, and Tibetan instruments.



That evening we stayed in this 10th century stone building on the grounds of the monastery.   This is a typical room.   The ceilings are about six feet high at the center, made for shorter people than ourselves.



The harbor at Barcelona.



The high table of the Fourth Session of the Provisional World Parliament in its impromptu session at a hotel near the Barcelona airport.   It was arranged for Andorra, and some $24,000 worth of materials and banners had been shipped to the hotel in Andorra.   But at the last minute the government of Andorra threw out delegates coming to the parliament (without giving an explanation why) and we were forced to meet here in Barcelona.   

I do not remember the name of the woman from Nigeria (center) who chaired the meeting.  But otherwise from the left are Dr. Terence Amerasinghe from Sri Lanka, Professor Philip Isely from the U.S., Dr. Reinhart Ruge from Mexico, and Yogi Shanti from India.



The top of the towering Monument to Columbus near Barcelona harbor.   I wrote about this obscene shrine to a genocidal murderer in the last chapter of by book Millennium Dawn (2004) entitled "Barcelona Reflections on Revolutionary Solidarity."


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