Note:  Not listed here are dozens of political commentaries in newspapers such as the Roanoke Times and on web journal sites such as Counterpunch, or Reader Supported News' "Godot."   A few of these commentaries can be found on the page Political Editorials or World Government.   Selections from some of the publications below can be accessed through the home page.  Many of the articles concerning world government have also been posted on the World Prout Assembly web site ( under the category of "World Government."






One World Renaissance: The New Transformative Holism and Our Global Social Contract, by Glen T. Martin.  The book focuses on the revolutionary holism that science has discovered in the 20th century and that today is the foundation of a global paradigm shift beyond the war-system and the economic exploitation system to a sustainable, nonviolence, peaceful and just world system. Forthcoming 2015



The Anatomy of a Sustainable World: Our Choice between Climate Change and System Change, by Glen T. Martin, breaks new ground in the struggle for a transformed world system. This book examines the roots and the deadly consequences of our current unsustainable civilization as manifested in its war-system, nation-state system, and global economic system. All of these portend disaster for our planet unless we make profound systemic changes.

 This book illuminates both the roots of our present crisis and the concrete and practical steps we can take to transform civilization to sustainable principles. It does not rest in the realm of theory alone. It shows in detail what a sustainable world system would look like. It presents the specific political and economic steps we can take to make sustainability a reality.

 Please accept my congratulations on your new book. I think is excellent. It is clearly a must read.”   Prof. Dr. Timi Ecimovic, professor and chair of Environmental Sciences at Ansted University, Director,  SEM Institute for Climate Change, Korte, Slovenia.


El Manifiesto de la Federacion de la Tierra /  Una Consticion para la Federacion de la Tierra by Glen T. Martin.

My 2003 work The Manifesto of the Earth Federation has been translated into Spanish by Dr. Eugenia Almand, edited by Dr. Rita Martin, and published in a separate volume with a Spanish translation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, September 2011 (156 pages).



The Earth Federation Movement: Founding a Social Contract for the People of Earth. History, Vision, Documents by Glen T. Martin, Pamplin, VA: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, May 2011 (252 pages).

 This book lays out the foundations of the Earth Federation Movement in terms of its history and its philosophical grounding that includes sections on “ethical holism,” “democratic holism,” and “political holism.”  It includes eleven documents from the movement that illustrate these principles and several appendices with supplementary information.



Triumph of Civilization – Democracy, Nonviolence, and the Piloting of Spaceship Earth by Glen T. Martin, Sun City, AZ: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, January 2010 (406 pages). 

 This book examines the concept of democracy and the related concept of nonviolence in the light of the global crises we face at the dawn of the 21st century.  It develops a deeper understanding of democracy that is inherently nonviolent and fundamentally holistic. It argues that the way out of our current set of interdependent crises and systemic violence is to establish Earth Federation through actualizing, under a world constitution, the three most fundamental features of authentic democracy: positive freedom, reasonable economic equality, and a global community premised on the many “human universals” that we all share as well as the common good of the Earth and future generations.



The Constitution for the Federation of Earth: With Historical Introduction, Commentary, and Conclusion by Glen T. Martin, Sun City, AZ, Institute for Economic Democracy Press, 2010 (200 pages).

 This book represents the first time the Constitution for the Federation of Earth has been appeared in print from an official press with its own ISBN number.   The Constitution was developed by a drafting committee of 25 persons with feedback from hundreds of world citizens over a period of 33 years from 1968 to 1991.  In this premiere edition, Glen T. Martin has written a substantive historical introduction situating the Earth Constitution within the world federalist movement of the past 80 years, an extensive commentary on the Constitution that explains the significance of its 19 articles one by one, and a conclusion in which he discusses the larger meaning of the Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement that promotes it. The book includes bibliography and index as well as a number of appendices containing the relevant documents surrounding the Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement.



Emerging World Law:  Documents and Decisions of the World Constituent Assemblies and the Provisional World Parliament, Eugenia Almand and Glen T. Martin, eds., Sun City, AZ:  Institute for Economic Democracy Press, 2009 (437 pages).  

This book includes not only the Constitution for the Federation of Earth but all the resolutions and provisional world laws passed by the Provisional World Parliament as well as chapters on the history of the World Constitution and Parliament Association, the world district courts, etc.



Ascent to Freedom: The Philosophical Foundations of Democratic World Law, Glen T. Martin, Sun City, AZ: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, Sun City, Arizona, 2008 (320 pages). 

This book examines the historical development of philosophy of law toward its logical culmination in democratic world law.  It develops the meaning and implication of the concept of democratic world law in terms of our human potential for an economically and politically transformed world order.



Our Common Enemy:  The Climate Change System Threat, Timi Ecimovic, General Editor and author.  Glen T. Martin, contributing author.  Korte, Slovenia: SEM Institute for Climate Change, 2006.  Includes by Glen T. Martin: "Climate Change and the Earth Constitution" and the "Introduction to World Revolution Through World Law" (reprinted from World Revolution Through World Law) pp. 43-74.



World Revolution Through World Law:  Basic Documents of the Emerging Earth Federation, with an Introduction and Other Writings by Glen T. Martin,  Sun City, AZ: Institute for Economic Democracy Press,  November 2005, 278 pages. 

This work includes the Declaration of the Rights of People to Write a Constitution and Create Democratic World Government, the Manifesto of the Earth Federation, the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution.   It includes extensive commentary on these documents by Glen T. Martin, and essays by Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe, Eugenia Almand, and Dr. Errol E. Harris.



Millennium Dawn: The Philosophy of Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation, Glen T. Martin, Sun City, AZ: Institute for Economic Democracy Press, Sun City, Arizona (April 2005), 430 pages.

This work synthesizes a transformative social-political-economic philosophy with a philosophy of human spiritual and intellectual maturity and develops practical suggestions for realizing world peace, justice, and environmental sustainability.  It examines the writings of many modern and contemporary thinkers with a view to laying the foundations of a new world order under non-military, democratic world government.



Century Twenty-One: Humanity at the Crossroads – The Manifesto of the Earth Federation, 33 page booklet written for the Provisional World Parliament, ratified at the Seventh Parliament in Chennai, India, December 26-30, 2003.  Published by the Institute On World Problems, 2004.





“Global Freedom and Democratic World Law—Actualizing Our Right to Planetary Peace,” invited article for the on-line journal Acme Intellects.  May 2013 issue:

 Wrote an invited Foreword for The Superman: Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Vision of the Religion of Humanity by Santi Nath Chattopadhyay, 2012.

“Tagore’s Mystical Humanism and the Future of Humanity,” invited article for a new volume on Tagore to be published in India, edited by Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay, Director of ISISAR.  Forthcoming, 2012.

Three invited articles (2-4 pages each) for Whose Who in Global Studies, Alexander Chumakov, ed. on: “Glen T. Martin,” “Institute on World Problems,” and “World Constitution and Parliament Association.” Forthcoming 2012.

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 The Introduction to World Revolution through World Law was reprinted with a new Preface by GTM in the book Our Common Enemy: the Climate Change System Threat by Timi Ecimovic, et. al., Medosi, Slovenia: SEM Institute for Climate Change, 2006.   This book is also posted in PDF form at

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"George W. Bush and the Manifest Destiny of the United States," article invited by the Columbian journal La Semana. Translated into Spanish and published at May issue, 2005.

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"Democratic World Government and the Thought of Mahatma Gandhi," article in Bhavan’s Journal, May 2003, a worldwide publication based in Mumbai, India.  This article was picked up and reprinted in World Union Quarterly, September 2003 issue.

"Unity and Diversity in the Constitution for the Federation of Earth," article forthcoming in Bhavan’s Journal, a worldwide publication based in Mumbai, India.

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A number of reports and documents in connection with my WCPA/GREN activities have also appeared in the journal Across Frontiers - A WCPA/GREN Publication for Humanity: One of my reports on my work in Cuba appears in the August 2000 issue (page 14). The January-February 2001 issue includes three items regarding my work for democratic world government: (1) The "Malta Resolution on the Spirit of Global Governance" (pp. 10-11) that I wrote and successfully defended at the Fifth Provisional World Parliament held in Malta in November 2000; (2) My report on my work in Bangladesh and India in December 2000 and January 2001 (p. 15); and (3) my photo on page 16 working with others on the "Core Group Empowerment" program of the newly created Graduate School of World Problems. The July 2001 issue carries the letter that I wrote and gave to Cuban leaders with whom I met this past summer in June 2001 (page 5) as well as the report I submitted on this work (pages 7 and 10).

"Liberal Religion and the Genocide in Iraq," article in the journal The Human Quest – A Journal of Liberating Religion, July-August, 1999, pp. 12-13.

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Published extensive data and statistics (in conjunction with the Medical Director) as Medical Records Office Supervisor for The Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health in The New England Journal of Medicine, February 24, 1972.


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