Nicaragua Photo Directory


  1.   From the North and the New River Bocay Project


  2.   The New River Bocay Project and the Indigenous Sumo and Miskito Indians


  3.   Faces of Miskito Indian Children from the Bosawas   Forest Preserve in the North


  4.   From Managua in the South


  5.  Volcan Masaya


  6.  Map of Nicaragua

  The Rio Bocay and the town of San Jose de Bocay are in the north in Jinotega Province.  The Indians live on the Rio Bocay (running north into the Rio Coco) and the Rio Coco (on the border with Honduras).  The is also the location of the Bosawas Forest Preserve.   Managua (the Capitol) can be seen on the map toward the west on Lake Managua.  Masaya is south of the capitol and on the west side of the great lake in the south of Nicaragua.


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