Glen T. Martin

                                                            at the

World Unity and Peace Education Department

                    City Montessori School of Lucknow

                                       10 June 2008

"Nine Principles of World Law"


                                            Lighting the candles of peace and unity prior to the seminar.


                          This one-day Seminar was entitled "Nine Fundamental Principles of World Law"

                                                    Slide Show of the Presentation

      Outline of these "Nine Fundamental Principles"

1.  The purpose of world law is to deal with all those global issues that are beyond the scope of nation-states and their unworkable treaty system in the United Nations.

2.  World law establishes a peace system by institutionalizing peace into democratic world law and abolishing the system of "sovereign" nation-states that is intrinsically a war system.

World law is enforced by civilian based police with no military. The profound differences between all forms of military and civilian based police.

4.   A founded system establishes the fundamental principles from the start and supersedes an evolved system in which the most basic principles are always compromised and watered down.  The Earth Constitution founds a world order on universal moral principles applying equally to all persons.

5.   World law is binding and enforceable over all persons.   "International law" is not law at all but largely a set of treaties agreed to by sovereign nation-states.

6.  World law establishes world government, effective to deal with our immense suicidal global problems.   Global "governance" is not government but a profound lie of the present failed system.

7.  Striving for moral ideals outside of effective world law is almost useless.  Justice and human rights are merely empty ideals unless they are concretely embodied in enforceable world law.

8.  World law institutionalized justice and democracy, for both of these are 90% procedural involving rules for police, courts, and legislatures that protect people's rights throughout the system.

9.   Justice, love, and democracy are universal concepts, involving our common humanity. There is no justice unless it is planetary justice.  There is no freedom unless it is planetary freedom.   There is no peace unless it is planetary peace.  Only effective world law under the Earth Constitution can bring this about.

            The Earth Constitution is
 the political embodiment of love.

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