May 1999


On the Pacific coast of Central America surrounded by Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua



From the air near landing in San Salvador, the Capitol



A public market in San Salvador



Family run restaurant, the girl at the right is the daughter serving as waitress



In the restaurant: Phyllis (left), then Rebekah, then Catherine Condon, then our taxi driver whom we treated to lunch.  He was a good guide and told us how happy he was that the war was over in his country.



Behind me are a public building and the ever-present small businesses found everywhere in the third world



Parked in front of the Supreme Court



This is the Cathedral in the capital city of San Salvador where the tomb of Oscar Romero is found in the basement.   Upon arriving in San Salvador, my wife and I immediately made a pilgrimage here.



Inside the Church




Tribute to Oscar Romero



The tomb of Archbishop Oscar Romero.   In the early 1980s he spoke out against the U.S. supported military repression in El Salvador.   The result was that El Salvadorian military graduates trained in "counter insurgency warfare" at the U.S. School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, planned his assassination and murdered him while he was giving mass.

All who defend the poor against exploitation, domination, and repression are considered targets for murder under U.S. counter-insurgency warfare doctrine, although the official U.S. Army line is that they are teaching "human rights" at the school.


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