Holistic Planetary Democracy

The predicates of a redeemed World derive from the integrated

unity in diversity of the whole:

World Peace              Global Justice

Human Rights                Reasonable Prosperity

Ecological Sustainability

The Earth Constitution Mandala

     Under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, the people of Earth will be integrated with a global governing system designed to deal with planetary problems and achieve peace, justice, prosperity, sustainability and protection for human rights.  

     The central agencies of the Federation are structured in terms of councils of five leaders, one from each Continental Division, who rotate as President of their respective agencies.  The seven agencies of the Integrative Complex and 28 departments of the World Administration, staffed by  professionals in the global civil service, bring order and intelligence into all global processes.

     The House of Nations and the wise ones in the House of Counselors bring unity in diversity to integrating all nations and peoples and to governing our precious planet Earth.