The famous wall of the famous Central Headquarters of the Cuban Communist Party building with its image of Che Guevara.



One of the buildings inside the University of Havana campus after going up the above stairs.


Banyon trees by a cliff at one side of the University of Havana campus


Like returning to my youth in the U.S. before the blockade of Cuba began.  These cars have been run and maintained all these years since no newer U.S. cars have been sold to Cuba since the blockade began.


A dance troop performing at the University of Camaguey in central Cuba.   The Cuban love of music and dance of all kinds is amazing.



Here in Guantanamo Province I splash in a river with local kids.  There is a line referring to this in my poem "The Children" also posted on this website.




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The famous entrance to the University of Havana.  I have walked up these steps (in the Cuban heat) many times.  Early in the revolution in 1959, the troops of the U.S. supported Dictator Batista shot student protesters dead on these steps.



This sign on the University of Havana Medical Center reads "The value of a single human being is worth millions of times more than all the property of the rich people of the world."   You would never see such a sign in a capitalist country.


A common sight.  Cubans are geniuses at keeping these ancient cars running.  The blockade has caused immense suffering for the Cuban people.



This sign at the entrance to the University of Camaguey reads "The University should be colored (or represented) by the black, the mulato, the laborer, and persons of the countryside."   The racism so prevalent in the U.S. is not common in Cuba.



Veradero Beach from the water



Faculty and students of the Episcopal Theological Center in Havana.   On the left is Adolfo Ham, the Director, a wonderful scholar and citizen of the world.  Next to him is my good friend Mario Gonzalez Quiroga, a wonderful human being, scholar of religions, and good friend.   Many, including myself, still morn his untimely death from cancer.  He was very much loved by so many people.