December 2003




We delegates of the Seventh Provisional World Parliament here assembled at Chennai, India, December 2003, affirm the Constitution for the Federation of Earth as the key to human liberation. We hold in the palm of our hand a blue print for a just, sustainable, and peaceful world order.

* The horrible problems daily faced by human beings all over planet Earth are simultaneously global problems devastating our planet. The nightmare of our unjust and divided world order is at the doorstep of every citizen of the planet. It is time we honestly faced this horror and created a liberated world order.

* The invasion and destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan is directly connected with the suppression of civil liberties in our home countries as the forces of global domination increase their stranglehold over the individual lives of each of us. The spectre of global domination has perched on our doorsteps.

* The weapons used by terror groups worldwide are weapons produced by the multinational corporations in their greed and callousness. They are everywhere at our doorsteps. Bombs strapped to persons full of anger and hatred are no different from bombs dropped from the air without feeling by trained military personnel.

* The small farmer driven out of business to become a slave on his own fields, is a victim of the same corporate system that builds the bombs and promotes globalized economic exploitation. The problem of world militarism and greed has perched on the doorstep of the starving farmer.

* The police searches, roadblocks, airport inspections, and intimidation of our free speech and travel that we experience daily are direct consequences of global corporate militarism and the war economy. This world order of chaos and violence has perched on the doorstep of our freedoms and security.

* Several billion poor of the world lack nutritious food. Their hunger is directly related to the production of weapons and guns supplying both the corporate dominators and the militarized resisters in nearly every country on Earth. Global militarism has perched like a vulture at the doorsteps of the poor.

* When water is privatized, and people in Latin America struggle over the right to water against the corporate predators, their lack of water is at the doorstep of hundreds of millions of the Earth’s citizens who daily live without adequate water for a decent life. Global corporate greed and domination has perched at their doorstep.

* When bad sanitation causes disease, and the people of Africa contract cholera or typhoid because they lack adequate sanitation systems, their lack of sanitation and the crippling diseases are identical to those of fifty percent of the Earth’s citizens. The dying children in Togo experience in their misery the same global problem as the dying children of Nicaragua. At the doorstep of each is the spectre of a global system predicated on death, not life.

* When a village in Bangladesh is flooded by rising ocean tides, downing their children and destroying the homes of villagers, the fumes from millions of cars racing the streets of Hong Kong and Mumbai have come to sit on their doorstep in the form of global warming. The global rule of corporate greed is at their doorstep.

* When cancer strikes the wealthy middle class woman in the United States in the prime of her life because she has eaten vegetables poisoned with the rocket fuel used to bomb Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Her horrible suffering reveals the spectre of global imperialism at her doorstep.

No one escapes the consequences of this world of chaos, greed, and violence. No one escapes the spectre of more than 190 "sovereign" nations competing with one another for wealth, resources, and corrupt power. Yet we hold in our hands the design for a new world based on planetary democratic equality, not power and privilege for the few. We hold in our hands the simple, noble design for a global peace system, not a global war system, for a global system of prosperity and sustainable development, not global poverty and environmental destruction.

We affirm with the Earth Constitution "that Humanity is One despite the existence of diverse nations, races, creeds, ideologies and cultures and that the principle of unity in diversity is the basis for a new age when war shall be outlawed and peace prevail; when the earth’s total resources shall be equitably be used for human welfare..." We hold in the palms of our hands the blue print for a new world order. We call out this day to people of good will everywhere. Tomorrow is too late! The time is now to unite for human liberation under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth!


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