Bangladesh Photos

December 2010

Looking down from a hotel hallway window in downtown Dhaka, one sees
the huge home and walled garden of a government minister,
and, along his wall, the blue plastic tents of families who live on the street.

At this meeting I have just distributed WCPA brochures.

We pose for a photo in front of the restaurant.

A photo with some Philosophy Department faculty in the courtyard of one University building.

My hosts took me and Mahbubul (right) to lunch in the university cafeteria.

The family of WCPA Youth Coordinator, Mahbulbul Islam.

Mahbubul's Mother.

Downtown Dhaka, the building at the center is a garment faculty,
employing women and young girls, who make the equivalent of one US dollar per day.

Taken from the bus as we travel through the countryside on the way to Tangail.

More of this stunning and typical countryside.

In Tangail, meeting with teachers regarding our work.

Kids playing with some bicycle rickshaws stop to interact
with a Westerner walking in their town.

An elderly gentleman in Tangail sitting by the side of the walkway.

The central mosque of Tangail.

The daughter of my host.

A local sawmill. Notice the two boys are sawing the huge block with a
two man cross-cut saw.  This is similar to the saw my father and grandfather
used to use to fell trees in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.

There were no multinational corporations that I saw in Tangail. 
Only some streets that served as markets for many small vendors, as here.
How refreshing to experience a community of people, rather than an alienated society of multinational corporations making corporate profits off of their "consumers."

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