Austria (Salzburg)

A snowy parking garage dug into the hillside not far from our hotel.

Looking down into the garden from our hotel room balcony.

The neighborhood, not far from the old city, the river, and the
Archbishop's Fortress.

Mysterious "ausfahrt" signs were everywhere.

The older streets are narrow with many interesting shops and restaurants.

Very old doors and other features integrated with the newer buildings.

The river flowing through the city with the Archbishop's historic fortress and palace
and many small older streets on the right side.

Buildings lining the river opposite the Bishop's fortress.

Passing the cathedral on the way to the Arch-Bishop's fortress

Inside the Cathedral.

Wall of the Archbishop's Fortress

There was an entire city up there on the edge of the cliffs.  Salzburg lies in the distance.

Looking past a watch tower and down on the city from the Fortress.

Looking down from the fortress wall on the Cathedral, the river, and the city beyond.

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