A Brief History - with photos


The development of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and the Provisional World Parliament through the work of the World Constitution and Parliament Association:

1958. Agreement to Call a World Constitutional Convention initiated by four persons, circulated worldwide for signatures, requesting both national governments and people of each country to send delegates.

1959-1960. World Committee for a World Constitutional Convention formed. Thousands sign the Agreement, including many prominent leaders. Organizers of this action travel around the world to enlist support.

1961-1962. Definitive Call to the World Constitutional Convention adopted. Many persons sign, including Heads of five national governments.

1963-1964. First Preparatory Congress held Denver, Colorado, USA, with delegates from five continents. Call to the World Constitutional Convention is publicly issued, then circulated for more signers and response.

1965-1966. Second Preparatory Congress held at Milan, Italy. Outline for Debate and Drafting of a World Constitution is formulated, on basis on alternative choices. Plan agreed for a Peoples World Parliament to meet concurrently.

1967. Decision made at Third Preparatory Congress to begin Convention in 1968, even if no government delegates. 300 Peoples Delegates pledged.

1968. First working sessions of World Constitutional Convention and Peoples' World Convention held at Interlaken, Switzerland, and Wolfach, W. Germany. 200 Peoples Delegates from 27 countries, of 5 continents. Work begun on drafting the World Constitution.

Photos of First Constituent Assembly and the Second Session Provisional World Parliament

1969-1971. Strategy for Reclaiming Earth for Humanity is circulated. Emergency Council of World Trustees meets, Santa Barbara, Calif., and issues First Decree for Protection of Life, outlawing nuclear weapons. Directions given to drafting commission.

1972. World Constitution drafting commission of four persons works for 2 months, almost completes first draft of Constitution For The Federation of Earth.

1973-1975. First draft finished, printed in 1974, then circulated worldwide for comment, together with Call to the second session in 1977, now defined as the World Constituent Assembly. Comments on first draft complied.

1976. Drafting Commission meets again. Second draft completed, circulated.

1977. Second Session of World Constituent Assembly held in June, Innsbruck, Austria.
Earth Constitution debated paragraph by paragraph, amended, then adopted with 138 original signers from 25 countries of 6 continents. Call for ratification by the nations and peoples of Earth is issued. Constitution is sent to U.N. General Assembly and to all national governments.

Earth Constitution is circulated worldwide for debate and ratification. Third session of World Constituent Assembly held Jan. 1979, Colombo, Sri Lanka; adopts Rationale For A World Constituent Assembly, defining right of people to convene Assembly, draft constitution, and obtain ratification. Appeal issued for national parliaments to ratify.

1981. World Constitution & Parliament Assn. meets at New Delhi, India. Call issued for Provisional World Parliament to convene 1982 under terms of Article 19 of Earth Constitution. Honorary Sponsor list of 150 prominent persons enrolled.

1982. First Session of Provisional World Parliament meets at Brighton, England. Delegates form 25 countries of 6 continents. Five world Legislative Acts are adopted: for World Disarmament Agency, World Economic Development, Ownership of Oceans & Seabeds, Graduate School of World Problems, World Courts.

1983-1984. First Provisional District World Court organized in Los Angeles; takes up case of outlawing nuclear weapons. Plans for Provisional World Parliament in Sudan and Nigeria thwarted by military coups.

1985. Second Session of Provisional World Parliament held New Delhi, India. Opened by President of India, presided by speaker of Lok Sabha (the lower house of the legislature of India). Three more World Legislative Acts adopted: for Emergency Earth Rescue Administration, World Government Funding, and Commission on Terrorism


The Constitution Club, where the Constitution of India had been signed.  The location of the Second Session of the Provisional World Parliament.

1986. Campaign continued for "provisional" ratification of the
Constitution for Federation of Earth, pending review at next World Constituent Assembly.

1987. Third session of Provisional World Parliament held Miami Beach, Florida. Three more World Legislative Acts are adopted: for Global Finance System, Environment Protection, and Hydrogen Energy. Provisional World Cabinet started.

1988-1989. Plan launched for collaboration by many organizations to prepare next session of World Constituent Assembly. 150 organizations join in Preparatory Committee. Two meetings held in New York with U. N. Ambassadors, to explain and solicit help. List of Honorary Sponsors reconfirmed and expanded.

1990. Government of Egypt agrees to host Assembly. Three preparatory meetings held. Call circulated for Governments and People to send delegates.

1991. Location of 4th session World Constituent Assembly abruptly changed due to Gulf War. Held at Troia, Portugal, in May. Delegates adopt 59 amendments to
Earth Constitution. New ratification campaign begun, appealing to both people and governments. Most Honorary Sponsors personally ratify.

1992. Global Ratification & Elections Network organized, including several hundred organizations, to promote ratification of
Constitution for Federation of Earth, then election of delegates to World Parliament. First Government heads must ratify.

1996. Fourth Session of the Provisional World Parliament at Barcelona, Spain, September 13-18. Ratification of a Manifesto declaring the oceans and sea beds the property of the people of Earth. Articulation of the plan entitled "Immediate Economic Benefits of World Government."


 1997.  Dr. Glen T. Martin (second from right in photo below) participates in meetings at then World Headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado. He had been invited to become a member of the WCPA Executive Cabinet.  The group is photographed in front of the Margaret Ann Isely Foundation sign.  Margaret, then recently deceased, recognized WCPA and the Graduate School of World Problems, in her Trust.


Second from left, Dr. Terence Amerasinghe (Co-President WCPA), fifth, Prof. Philip Isely, Secretary General, seventh, Dr. Reinhart Ruge (then Co-President) eighth, Yogi Shanti Swaroop, Spiritual Advisor and Executive Cabinet member.

2000. The Fifth Session of the Provisional World Parliament takes place on the Island of Malta, November 22nd to 27
th. One legislative bill and a number of resolutions are passed. Planning begun for a series of global expositions culminating in a World Constitutional Convention to ratify the

2003. The Sixth Session of the Provisional World Parliament is held in Bangkok, Thailand, March 23-27 (organized in cooperation with the Institute On World Problems). A world peace act is passed, a commission for legislative review is founded, and other important provisional legislative work is accomplished on behalf of a future world under the rule of law and justice.

2003. The Seventh Session of the Provisional World Parliament takes place in Chennai, India, December 26-30 (organized in cooperation with the Institute On World Problems). The agenda included ratification of the Manifesto for the Earth Federation, enactment of a world criminal court, a penalty classification bill to be used by the new court, conservation standards for World Government records, a bill for the creation of a World Patents Office, and the beginning of work on a Global People’s Assembly integrated with the Constitution to ensure popular participation in the coming world government.


Dr. Eugenia Almand, Dr. Terence Amerasinghe, and Dr. Dominique Balouki of WCPA meet with President Eyadema of Togo in June 2003.


2004. The Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament was organized for Lucknow, India, August 10-14. The agenda included a statement on Emerging World Law as of today summarizing the work of Acts 1-25 passed at earlier sessions of Parliament, a bill for a World Juvenile Court, the beginning of some ministries of emerging world government, and a plan for a ratification convention for the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

Location of the Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament in Lucknow, India, August 2004



A South India Chapter of WCPA meeting in 2005.  The Director of the South India chapter is Mr. Ramanujam Ananthanarayanan, in the dark suit, front row, third from left.  Dr. Terence Amerasinghe is front row third from right and Dr. Eugenia Almand is on the right.


2006.  The Ninth Session of the Provisional World Parliament was held in Tripoli, Libya, April 11-15.  Acts passed by the Parliament: WLA_31 World Ombudsmus Act (enables the Office of the World Ombudsmus to begin its work of protecting human rights worldwide), WLA_32 Conflict Resolution Bill (creates a department of Conflict Resolution for the Earth Federation), WLA_33 Fissile Production Ban (banning the production of fissile materials used for nuclear weapons)WLA_34 Nuclear Weapons Elimination Protocol, WLA_35 Nuclear Contamination Act,  WLA_36 Quit Guantanamo Directive (ordering the USA to turn Guantanamo Bay over to the Earth Federation and to Cuba), WLA_37 Agreement on World Federal Privileges & Immunities (an adaptation of the rules of the International Criminal Court to world law under the Earth Constitution).


          The El Kabir Hotel: location of the 9th Session of Parliament in Tripoli

2007,  June.  The Tenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament meets in Kara, Togo and passes several Provisional World Legislative Acts dealing with the economics of ending investment in military hardware production companies and nuclear weapons manufacture.   The Parliament also passed a resolution calling for the prosecution of the alleged Pakistani war criminals who committed crimes against the Bangladesh people during the 1971 revolution.   It also passed an act for a Guaranteed Annual Income for every person within the Earth Federation beginning at age 18 and lasting throughout life.   This act adds an important element to the collection of economic acts passed by the parliament over its 25 year history.  Together these acts have built the infrastructure for a transformed world economy premised on universal prosperity and peace, rather than scarcity and war.   Below is a photo of the Parliament in session.



The 10th Session of the Provisional World Parliament in session in Kara, Togo, June 2007

2009 July.  The Eleventh Session of the Provisional World Parliament takes place in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram near Nainital, India.   Five new world legislative acts were adopted, in addition to extensive amendments to World Legislative Act #34, (formerly entitled "Elimination Protocol"--now entitled "Dismantling Procedure"), and resolutions of the Parliament.  Also passed were a bill prohibiting Human Trafficking, a Non-violent Civil Disobedience Act, A Clandestine Operations Prohibition Act, and a UN Integration Act.


Location of the 11th session of Parliament at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Nainital.



Some delegates at the 11th Session in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Nainital


2010 June.   Secretary-General gives seminars in four cities in Ghana and Togo and joins Deputy Secretary-General for the General Review Conference of the International Criminal Court in Uganda.

2010 December 27-31.  The 12th session of the Provisional World Parliament took place in Kolkata, India.


Some delegates participating in the 12th session of the Provisional World Parliament in Kolkata, India, December 28-32, 2010

June 19-26, 2011.  WCPA of South India organizes a week-long series of events.


WCPA all day event: "Challenges to Global Peace" - Jaya Engineering and Technical College, near Chennai, India, June 25, 2011.


November 2013, Manila, Philippines.  Dr. Glen T. Martin is awarded the GUSI Peace Prize International for his work as President of WCPA and his scholarship providing the philosophical foundations of democratic world law under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

Ambassador and Mrs. Gusi appear at my right.

December 14-17, 2013, Lucknow, India.  The 13th Session of the Provisional World Parliament meets.  A number of crucial, transformative World Legislative Acts are passed, strengthening the global framework of Provisional World Law.

The Parliament head table appears above as members of Parliament take a coffee break in the midst of a busy legislative agenda.   Standing is Parliament Chairwoman, Reverend N. Mahlawe from S. Africa. Seated is Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi, prominent international lawyer from Malaysia.


Some delegates at the 13th Session


December 23, 2013.   A.N. Noumen (Secretary General of DORP) and Glen T. Martin meet in Bangladesh to discuss a relationship between DORP (rural poverty alleviation) and WCPA in Bangladesh.

A.H.M. Nouman (green vest), also a GUSI Peace Prize International winner, sits between Mahbubul Islam, WCPA Youth Coordinator, and Glen T. Martin 

December 28, 2013, Sardarsharhar, India.  Martin meets with Chancellor Kanak Mal Dugar and the Officers of IASE Deemed University to discuss collaboration in promotion of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

With Chancellor Dugar (at head of table) and members of the Board.




At the Chief Justices Conference in Lucknow, India with the Justice from Uganda, Dec. 2014




Audience at a Press Conference for the Grand Global Peace Meet,

Hyderabad, India, Jan. 2015




With the main speakers for the Grand Global Peace Meet in Hyderabad, India, January 15

At the front, right, are Ambassador and Dr. Evelyn Gusi, administrators of the


Missing from the photo is the organizer and sponsor of the Meet: S.A.R.P.V. Chaturvedi, founder and Director of the Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust and Distinguished Advisor to the

World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)



Some speakers from the WCPA "Building the World Parliament" Conference at MIT Pune, December 29-31, 2016




In Nepal, December 2016, we celebrated the 58th anniversary of the WCPA Nepal Chapter!



Some core leaders in Nepal: third from right Sri M.B. Pradhan, then Sri Mahesh Kumar Upadhyay, then Guruji Arun Kumar



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