World Constitution and Parliament Association

2012 Calendar of International Events

(In addition, many local chapters in various countries will be holding their own events.)

  1. March 2-12. Delegation to Argentina (to confirm by the end of January). Meet and interact with Argentine Justices. Give lectures and seminars on the Earth Constitution, the history of our movement, and the prospects for developing world law.
  2. May 14-28. WCPA meetings, workshops, and lectures in San Jose, Costa Rica to faculty and students in law schools, political science departments, and other venues. The Earth Constitution to be mailed again to prominent officials in all Latin American countries.
  3. June 4-6. WCPA representation at the Rio + 20 events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  4. June 4-13. WCPA lectures and meetings in West Africa (Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Ghana). Meetings with Chief Justices from these countries regarding promoting the Constitution in West Africa.
  5. June 15-29. WCPA lectures and meetings in Nepal. Meetings with Chief Justices in Nepal. Promote proposal to include one clause concerning the Earth Constitution in the new Nepalese constitution now being written.
  6. July 26-30. IOWP/WCPA retreat and seminar at Raquette Lake, NY, USA
  7. December 9-13. WCPA meetings in conjunction with the 13th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World in Lucknow, India. WCPA representatives work to promote the Earth Constitution to some 200 justices from some 80 countries worldwide.
  8. Next year:  The 13th session of the Provisional World Parliament to be held at the CMS World Unity and Convention Center, Lucknow, India, immediately following the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World (Dec. 14-18, 2013). The Parliament will be Dec. 19-21st.  Make your plans now to be a registered, voting delegate.


Report: WCPA/IOWP lecture tour in Costa Rica, September 2012

Report: WCPA/IOWP four country tour, May/June 2012.

Report: WCPA/IOWP three city tour, December 2012.

Legislative bills submitted to date for the 13th session.

WCPA Global Meetings and Chief Justices Conference December 2011 Report with Photos

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