Tripoli Declaration of the Ninth Session of the Provisional World Parliament


We members of the Provisional World Parliament, meeting at the Al Kabir Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, April 11-14, 2006, having done substantial work in this session toward building a transformed world order of peace, justice, and prosperity for all the citizens of Earth, hereby make the following declaration:

We call upon the nations and peoples of the world to join us in the building of a truly democratic world order, free of the violence and horror with which humankind has entered the 21st century. We call upon the nations and citizens of the world to ratify the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and bring the criminal pre-history of human civilization to an end forever.

We condemn the militarism, war-mongering, and global chaos caused by both the large and small nation-states of the world. This world-wide violence by nation-states, and its inevitable response in horrific acts of terrorism, are intrinsic consequences of a world where nations recognize no enforceable law above themselves. For each one sees itself as "sovereign," that is, beyond the law.

Under this horrific world-system, approximately 193 supposedly independent nations compete for ascendancy, wealth, resources, or prestige. Nations feel they must "save face" as if they were schoolchildren engaged in playground rivalries. Ideology and rhetoric fly between nations, instead of reasoned discourse, debate, and open discussion. Meanwhile, impervious to our rhetoric, planetary climate change proceeds unchecked portending the collapse of our global ecosystem and its ability to sustain all higher forms of life.

The doctrine of "pre-emptive self-defense," used by the United States to justify its criminal invasion and destruction of the people of Iraq, is merely an extreme version of the doctrine that every nation militarize itself to protect its independence and sovereignty, a doctrine that has led to approximately twenty-five million deaths and 130 wars since the advent of the United Nations.

We condemn the attacks of the United States against Afghanistan and Iraq as barbaric, inhuman, and unspeakably evil. No redeeming value can come from destroying other people’s homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals, and from murdering innocent civilians. We condemn the savage treatment of prisoners in the prisons and torture centers created by the United States. We stand with our Libyan hosts and the good people of the great Libyan Jamahiriya, as well as with the majority of the world’s population, as simply human beings shocked and appalled at such behavior.

The 20th anniversary of the 1986 cruel Atlantic-American aggression on the Libyan Jamahiriya and the great leader Muammar Gadaffi’s providential escape to lead the revolution to greater heights was observed while the Provisional World Parliament was in session. The cruel aggression was denounced, but at the same time the will to meet it and advance toward a warless world where U.S. hegemony would be defeated and crushed by the peoples’ of Earth was not clearly found except in the spokespersons for the Provisional World Parliament. Only the realization of sovereignty for the people of Earth, through the ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and the establishment of democratic world government, can end such aggression on Earth forever.

The morally egregious behavior of the United States underlines the illusion of international law. International law is not law but voluntary rules that supposedly apply to entities called nations, entities that in principle recognize no law above themselves. But the imperial arrogance of the United States, so reminiscent of Nazi Germany, is only a product of a world-system that has plagued humankind for at least the past four centuries. Before the United States, it was Britain, and France, and Germany, and Japan, and Portugal, and Spain. In a world of 193 independent sovereign entities, imperialism, war, competition, distrust, and economic greed are inevitable.

The global system of nation-states also allows the wealthy in powerful nations to exploit and dehumanize through poverty the poor in weaker nations. When the poor rebel because of their poverty, the system of sovereign nation-states leaves little choice but to repress them militarily through "counter-insurgency warfare," torture, disappearances, and massacres in order to maintain the "law and order" that allows the global system of economic exploitation to continue functioning. This system of world-wide repression of the poor in order to maintain the global system of domination and exploitation has led to a massive international business in weapons sales, military training, surveillance and spying, and repression of human rights.

Not only does the United States government stand condemned on historical, conceptual, and moral grounds, but the world-system of nation-states also stands condemned on these grounds. The current struggles involving the U.S. with respect to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and a dozen other places are simply manifestations of this system of chaos and cruelty that has existed for centuries. We condemn as well the U.S. treats to attack Iran with nuclear and other weapons. This system must be replaced with democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

The only legitimate sovereignty is the sovereignty of the people of Earth. The only way nation-states can be made legitimate is through federation under the Earth Constitution that simultaneously ends war and militarism, ends the struggle for domination and exploitation, creates universal prosperity for all peoples, and guarantees the rule of law and universal human rights to all citizens of Earth. Peace and democracy as cultural values are the key to transformation of the world. Power and violence can never transform the world.

At this concluding session of the Provisional World Parliament, we call out urgently to our brothers and sisters in every country on Earth: stop the madness, stop the slaughter, stop the destruction of human beings and our planetary environment. Join with us in ratifying the non-military, democratic Constitution for the Federation of Earth.


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