Closing Ceremony Speech

27 June 2003, Togo, West Africa

Glen T. Martin

(This speech was given at the closing ceremonies of the Institute On World Problems Seminar culminating a month spent in Togo in June, 2003)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Visiting dignitaries from Kara and the government of Togo, Friends:

In this closing ceremony, we must reflect on what we have accomplished and where we can go from here.

In the seminar, we have seen that our world-system of the past four centuries is composed of two gigantic sub-systems: the global economic system and the system of sovereign nation-states. These systems have worked together to create slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism, war and repression, and continue in todayís system of worldwide economic exploitation of poor countries by rich countries.

We have seen that there can be no liberation for the majority of humanity without transforming this world-system to one where peace, freedom, and the common interest of all humanity is enforced by world law. The Constitution for the Federation of Earth was written by some of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century specifically to create real world law that solves the problems of poverty, war, militarism, population explosion, and environmental destruction. Our first order of priority around the world must be to promote and adopt this constitution as the legitimate law for the planet Earth.

But what of the immediate future? What can be done here in Kara, in Togo, and in West Africa? Togo is centrally located in West Africa. It has been a leader in many ways among West African nations. Togo could also be a leader for African unity and world unity.

African unity would be an important step forward. But unless African unity is formed as a continental division within the Earth Federation, it will simply be another economic and military power block in competition with the European Union and North America. The world order would not fundamentally change.

Togo already has a chapter of the World Constitution and Parliament Association, and it already has Professor Baloukiís INSAK. Our first task should be to develop INSAK as a center for peace education and world citizenship.

We are talking about transforming our world order rapidly and efficiently from a system of domination and exploitation to a world of peace, freedom, and justice. Our second task is to develop a world university in Kara with students from all over Africa learning a global perspective, world citizenship, and the idea of a world parliament.

Professor Balouki has already purchased land as home for this university. It is an important project that deserves the energy and commitment of the people and governmental authorities in Togo. These projects will themselves, of course, contribute to the economic development of Togo.

Third, a Provisional World Parliament should be held in Kara within the next two years. This will draw delegates from all over Africa and all over the world. There have been six Provisional World Parliaments so far. The fourth was in Barcelona, Spain. The fifth was on the island of Malta. The sixth was this year in Bangkok, Thailand, and the seventh is now being prepared for December 2003 in Chennai, India. The eighth Provisional World Parliament should be held here in Kara, Togo.

But all these wonderful prospects for the future are not sufficient. The development of INSAK as a center of peace education, the creation of a world university, or the holding of the eighth parliament in Kara will not transform our unjust and unequal world order. These will not by themselves solve the world problems of poverty, environmental destruction, militarism, human rights abuses, and population explosion. This seminar has demonstrated the connection between all these problems and the world political and economic systems.

There is no solution to these problems without federal world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. There must be a world law and a strong government over all nations and corporations that represents the interests of all humanity. People and protection of the environment must be placed before profits by enforceable law. The United Nations can make sentimental proclamations about this but it cannot legislate world law. Only a genuine world parliament can legislate world law that protects every person and nation on Earth.

What is today called "international law" is a farce and a joke. Powerful nations ignore it at will, for there is no world government to enforce the law. Right now human beings are on a suicidal course, destroying the very environment that supports life on Earth and sacrificing the welfare of future generations to enrich a few in the present. The future, therefore, must include the creation of an Earth Federation within the next decade or there may be no future.

Let us all commit ourselves to this task. It cannot come from the Institute On World Problems alone. Fundamental change in our world order can only come from the poor and oppressed of the world. There will only be solidarity from a few in the rich and powerful countries. Poor countries have everything to gain and nothing to lose through the creation of the Earth Federation.

Unless these ideas for an Earth Federation spread among the poor majority of humankind who demand that their governments lead the way to a new world order, there is no possibility of success. It is up to the participants in this seminar to continue their own education in this respect. It is up to you to spread the demand for a world parliament under the Constitution throughout Africa.

Others will be doing the same thing in Asia and Latin America. Only together can we create a new world order. The poor countries and people of the world are the key to the future of humanity. They have a tremendous historical role to play. For they represent the hope of all humanity. They represent the greatest of all hopes, in my personal view.

The poor present our only hope for bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth. They represent the hope for creating a decent and just world order that cannot and will not come from the lords of the Earth with their arrogance and wealth. The poor must be the heart of the work for world government under the Constitution, and bring to Earth a world of peace, justice, and brotherhood for all humankind. Thank-you.


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