World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (WCPA)

The 13th Session of the Provisional World Parliament will meet concurrently with the International Conference of Chief Justices, Lucknow, India, on December 14-17, 2013

The location will be the World Unity Convention Center hosted by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and the City Montessori School of Lucknow.

Participants who come to the Chief Justices Conference, December 14-17, 2013, must register separately with the City Montessori School (

Registration is free.  Participants must cover their travel expenses to and from Lucknow. Room and board are supplied by the City Montessori School for international parliament guests, December 14-17.  Participants from within India must find lodging outside the World Unity Convention Center.

Registration Information: Please Print Clearly

or email to




Passport number____________________________________________________

India visa number____________________________________________________



Postal code______________






I wish to be an Observer______________________ or Delegate______________________

(Delegates must sign the Earth Constitution or the Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution and send

this information as well.   Both are welcome, only delegates can vote on proposed provisional world




 Email this information to Dr. Glen T. Martin at

 Please also register on the City Montessori School of Lucknow website.