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held under the authority of

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth, Article 19

sponsored by

World Constitution and Parliament Association

Africa Office: World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

Lomé, Togo.  Dr. Dominique Balouki     tel. 228-900-0578

Asia Office:  Chennai, India. Prof. R. Ananthanarayanan   tel. 044 – 24939233

Costa Rica: Fundación CEPPA. Celina Garcia   tel. 506-2234-0524

North America: 313  7th Avenue,  Radford, VA  24141, USA. 


President: Dr. Glen T. Martin   

Secretary-General: Dr. Eugenia Almand, email:

You can support the Provisional World Parliament through Paypal.


December 14-17, 2013, Lucknow, India


Hosted by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder/Manager of CMS, Lucknow and Vice-President of WCPA, at the World Unity Convention Center of CMS, Lucknow




Report on PWP 13 and WCPA work (with photos)


Post-Parliament Press Release


Declaration of the 13th Session of the Parliament


 Some WCPA/IOWP spokespersons making this call:

Eugenia Almand, J.D.,  Earth, Secretary-General, WCPA

Professor R. Ananthanarayanan, General Secretary, WCPA Asia Wing

Dr. Dominique Balouki ,  Togo, Coordinator for Africa 

Ms. Esther Boumbere, Togo, President, North Togo Chapter

Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay, India, Vice-President, WCPA

Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi, Advocates & Solicitors Malaya, Malaysia, Honorary Sponsor, Provisional World Parliament

Ms. Zaklina Dimovska, Macedonia, Vice-President, WCPA

Mr. Kevin Edds, USA, IOWP Vice-President

Mr. Joseph Ekpetchou, Togo, President, South Togo Chapter

Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, India, Vice-President, WCPA

Prof. Dr. Minira Garayeva, Azerbaijan, President, Azerbaijan Chapter

Lic. Celina Garcia, Costa Rica, Vice-President, WCPA

Mr. Peter Graves-Goodman, Webmaster, website

Dr. Dauji Gupta, India, Vice-President, WCPA 

Mr. Mahbubul Islam, Bangladesh, WCPA Youth Coordinator

Dr. Nalin Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka, President Sri Lanka Chapter WCPA

Mr. ChoodaMani Kadel, Nepal, President Nepal Chapter 

Justice A.P. Misra, former Supreme Court Justice, India, Honorary Sponsor, Provisional World Parliament  

Dr. Roger Kotila, USA, Vice-President, WCPA

Rev. Nomhle Mahlawe, South Africa, Vice-President, WCPA

Dr. Glen T. Martin,  USA, President, WCPA

Bishop Emmanuel Mensah, Ghana, President, Ghana Chapter WCPA

Dr. Patricia Murphy, USA, Chair Int. Advisory Board IPPNO

Dr. Preeti Shankar, India, WCPA Liaison, Lucknow and northern India

Dr. Phichai Tovivich, Thailand, Vice-President, WCPA

To all world citizens and persons concerned about the future of humanity–

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), organizing agent for the Provisional World Parliament, arranged the  Thirteenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament for Lucknow, India, December 14-16, 2013.  The Parliament was hosted at the World Unity Center by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and the City Montessori School of Lucknow (CMS) concurrent with the 14th annual International Conference of Chief Justices of the World.

We issued this call in conformance with Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth recognizes the legal right of the people of Earth to begin Provisional World Government until such time as the Earth Constitution has been fully ratified under the provisions set forth in Article 17.

The developing Earth Federation Movement (EFM) is expressed in these historic parliaments held in Brighton, England (1982), New Delhi, India (1985), Miami Beach, USA (1987), Barcelona, Spain (1996), Malta (2001), Bangkok, Thailand (March 2003), Chennai, India (December 2003), Lucknow, India (2004), Tripoli, Libya (2006), Lomé, Togo (2007), Nainital, India (2009), and Kolkata, India (2011). The Thirteenth Session in Lucknow was such an historic event: we are building a truly new world order within the shell of the old!!

Today’s world situation calls for a World Parliament to continually build the body of world law, modeling for the rest of the world the way human problems are properly addressed.  It also demands immediate action to establish democratic world government in accordance with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  Global climate change continues to create disaster for peoples everywhere and is getting worse each day.  Global weapons of mass destruction continue to threaten the existence of life on Earth.  Depleted uranium weapons used massively in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to poison our planetary environment forever.  Global tyranny under the world’s superpower increases daily.  The resources of the Earth (land, forests, fisheries, clean water) disappear at astonishing rates.  Pollution and toxic waste contaminate ever larger portions of the Earth.  We must continue to act now for the realization of democratic world law.

  The Parliament considers provisional world legislation. It is not a mere conference inviting endless speeches. Details of registration are below. Information will also be posted on these websites:,,

Both Observers and Delegates are welcome to attend sessions of the Parliament!  Both may participate actively in the proceedings.  Observers register for the Parliament the same as delegates, but are not personal signatories to the Earth Constitution, recognizing it has the highest law for planet Earth.  Delegates have signed the Earth Constitution and may therefore vote on pending legislation before the Parliament.  Both Observers and Delegates may speak, but only Delegates may vote on the bills.   Both are equally welcome at the Parliament.


Registration took place with the World Constitution and Parliament Association, 313 Seventh Ave., Radford VA, 24141, USA

Dr. Glen T. Martin, President.  Fax: +540-639-4320.  Email:

A registration form and the pending legislative agenda are linked to at this site.








Parliament sessions begin with


The Pledge of Allegiance to the Federation of Earth:

 I pledge allegiance to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth,

 And to the Republic of free world citizens for which it stands,

 One Earth Federation, protecting by law the rich diversity of the Earth’s citizens,

 One Earth Federation, protecting the precious ecology of our planet.

 I pledge allegiance to the World Parliament representing all nations and peoples,

 And to the democratic processes by which it proceeds,

 One law for the Earth, with freedom and equality for all,

 One standard of justice, with a bill of rights protecting each.

 I pledge allegiance to the future generations protected by the Earth Constitution,

 And to the unity, integrity, and beauty of humankind,

living in harmony on the Earth,

 One Earth Federation, conceived in love, truth, and hope,

with peace and prosperity for all.



Provisional World Parliament

13th Session, December 14-17, 2013

World Unity Convention Center, City Montessori School of Lucknow

Hosts: Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Dr. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon




Note: proposed legislative acts for the Parliament will be posted as available at 

Delegates are expected to study them prior to the Parliament meetings. meetings.


During times the Parliament is not meeting, delegates should attend the Plenary Sessions of the International Conference of Chief Justices


December 13: most out of town delegates and guests expected to arrive.


December 14:   2:00-5:00 pm   Room 7    Opening Ceremonies


2:00-2:15.  Dr. Glen T. Martin, President of the Parliament, declares the Parliament open

                  2:15-2:30        Pledge of Allegiance to the Earth Constitution

                  2:30-3:00        Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, welcome address

                  3:00-3:30        Head of UP legislature or other dignitary.

                  3:30-3:45        Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi

                  3:45-4:00        Dr. Dauji Gupta

4:00-4:20        Dr. Eugenia Almand, Secretary of the Parliament, reviews procedures and legislative agenda before this session of Parliament.

           Bills introduced as possible World Legislative Acts (WLAs).  (Drafts of these bills have been reviewed by the Legislative Drafting Committee and posted on-line at


4:20-5:00      WLA 53   Transition Process of National Governments joining the Earth Federation under Article 17 of the Constitution.


December 15:   11:30-1:00   Room 7    Morning Legislative Session 


WLA 54: Remedies and Corrections bill

WLA 55: Surveillance Limitations bill


December 15:   2:00 to 3:30.  Room 7     Afternoon Legislative Session


WLA 56: Crowd Dispersal Ban bill

WLA 57: Collegium of World Legislators bill


December 16:  11:30 to 1:00    Room 7.    Morning Legislative Session


WLA 64: Women’s Family Planning and Personal Sovereignty bill – Laura George

WLA 65: Education and Youth Citizenship bill – Riccardoe DiDone


December 16:   2:00 to 3:30.   Room 7   Afternoon Legislative Session


WLA 60: Paid Informant Ban bill

WLA 61: Fracking Ban bill


December 16:   9:00 to 10:00   Room 7     Working session on the draft Resolution for PWP 13.


December 17:  9:00 to 1:00 pm   Room 7   Morning Session


WLA 58: Neonictinoid Ban bill

WLA 59: Truth and Reconciliation bill

WLA 62: Fission Power Generation Closure bill                

WLA 63: Planetary Homestead bill


·       Consideration of any tabled matter from this session of Parliament.

·       Adjustment of Budget to fund current session legislation: Dr. Eugenia Almand


December 17: 4:00 to 7:00 pm    Room 7    Closing Ceremonies and Convention Call


       4:00-4:30   Call for a Founding Ratification Convention:  Eugenia Almand, Glen T. Martin.

       Distribution and discussion of Protocols for a Founding Ratification Convention.

        4:30-5:00   Discussion and approval of the Declaration of the 13th Session of Parliament

        5:00-5:30   Dr. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon: “Our Planetary Environment and the Rule of Law”

 5:30-6:00   Catalina Ortiz Monasterio Ruge and Tiahoga Ruge Scheffer on behalf of Dr. Reinhart Ruge, WCPA Honorary President for Life.

6:00-6:30   Guest Speaker?

6:30-7:00   Thanks to supporters and delegates. Plans for the Future of the Parliament and the Earth Federation Movement.  Glen T. Martin


December 18:  Press conference: 1 pm, Convention Center Press Room. 

Many guests to depart.



Summaries of some of the above bills:

1) Bill for a: “Collegium of World Legislators.” This bill would set up training in “dialogue directed toward mutual understanding” and “nonviolent communication skills” for all members of the World Parliament (once the Constitution comes into effect).

(2) Bill for a: “Transition Process for National Governments Joining the Earth Federation.” This bill is intended to work out the details to make transition to Earth Federation Membership as smooth as possible.

(3) Bill for a: “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act.” This bill would set up worldwide truth and reconciliation commissions, working with local groups in conflict, to pacify conflicts everywhere on Earth and minimize the temptation to resort to violence.

(4)  Bill for a: "Surveillance Limitations Act." This bill would prohibit the world government from using surveillance without a warrant, from embedding surveillance chips or equipment in consumer productions without the written consent of the consumer, and from any use of surveillance for political control or censorship purposes.

Texts of Proposed Provisional
World Legislative Acts as they become available.

Executive Summary of main provisions of the



The Constitution for the Federation of Earth was developed and adopted by 4 sessions of World Constituent Assembly meeting around the world in 1968, 1977, 1979 & 1991, all organized by WCPA.  The process of ratification by the peoples and nations of Earth under Article 17 is currently under way.

1.      Broad functions of Earth Federation are the following:
1.1. to prevent war; 1.2. to protect universal human rights; 1.3. to end poverty; 1.4. to regulate international processes; 1.5. to protect the environment and ecological fabric of life, that is, the biosphere; and 1.6. to devise solutions to world problems beyond the capacity of national governments.

2.    Basic structure of Earth Federation is the following:
2.1. People and nations organize as a universal federation, to include all people, all nations, and all oceans, seas and lands of Earth, including atmosphere and space. 2.2. Earth Federation is non-military and democratic, with ultimate sovereignty of the people of Earth.

3.    Organs of the Earth Federation are the following:
3.1. The World Parliament; 3.2. The World Executive;
3.3. The World Administration; 3.4. The Integrative Complex;
3.5. The World Judiciary; 3.6. The Enforcement System; and
3.7. The World Ombudsmus.

4.   This Earth Constitution grants Earth Federation the jurisdiction and powers necessary to ensure the effective broad functions of the Earth Federation. Earth Federation must have no military power, but may use world legislation, administration, education, finance, civil police enforcement system, world court system, ombudsmus public defense and other regulatory powers to ensure effective enforcement of world law. 

5.  World Parliament composes of three legislative houses, to consider, adopt, amend and repeal World Legislation.
* People of Earth directly elect House of Peoples.

* Nations appoint or elect House of Nations.

* University students and faculty of World Regions nominate regional candidates from anywhere for House of Counselors.       People of Earth may launch initiatives for world legislation, and may vote on referendums submitted from World Parliament.

6.  World Parliament elects and supervises a World Executive and an Executive Cabinet of 30 ministers, all MPs. The World Executive may neither veto nor suspend the World Parliament nor the Earth Constitution. The World Executive has no military power.

7.  The 30 Cabinet Ministers and Vice Presidents head the World Administration of about 30 ministries.

8.   Broad functions that naturally duplicate within each ministry integrate in agencies of the Integrative Complex.

9.   Benches form a World Judiciary, including World Supreme Court, Regional World Courts and District World Courts, having mandatory jurisdiction over different kinds of issues.

10. The Enforcement System.  World Parliament elects an Office of World Attorneys General with 5 World Attorneys General and commission of 20 Regional World Attorneys, to head non-military Enforcement System. World Police apprehend individual suspected lawbreakers. World Parliament regulates World Police, which shall follow due process, and obtain warrants for search & arrests.

11. World Ombudsmus. House of Counselors nominates and World Parliament elects a World Ombudsmus Council of 5 World Ombudsen and Commission of 20 Regional World Advocates to protect human rights and ensure proper government functioning.

12. Bill of Rights guarantees inalienable human rights, including all those customarily guaranteed by civil nations: equal rights, equal protection, freedom of expression, association & religion, habeas corpus rights, universal suffrage, property, privacy, & other prohibitions against government intrusions.

13. Directive Principles of 19 sections list additional civil rights and benefits to be guaranteed and implemented over time for all people.

 14. To the Nations, the Earth Federation guarantees the following: full faith and credit to public acts, records, legislation and judicial proceedings of member nations; nations retain jurisdiction over internal affairs; asylum for refuge seekers from nations not in Earth Federation

15.  World Parliament establishes five world capitals in 5 Continental Divisions:

16.  The people of Earth have ownership and Earth Federation has jurisdiction of all oceans from 20 kilometers offshore, the sea beds, vital straits, channels, canals, the Moon and the atmosphere from 1 km. above the general surface of the land.

17. Earth Constitution implements by stages: Provisional Earth Federation, before 25 countries or before World Districts including 10% of world population have ratified.

First Operative Stage, when 25 countries or World Districts including 10% of world population have ratified, or equivalent mix. Second Operative Stage, when 50% of countries and World Districts including 50% of world population have ratified, or equivalent mix.

Full Operative Stage, when 80% of countries, comprising 90% of world population, have ratified.

18. People may initiate amendment procedures of the Earth Constitution.

19. Provisional World Parliament may adopt world legislation prior to first operative stage, subject to re-confirmation by World Parliament.  Provisional World Government may begin.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth has been translated into 23 languages and is available in several languages on the Institute on World Problems website:

It is published as a separate volume by the Institute for Economic Democracy Press:  

See also:,,,

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