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                                    Ceremonies with the Chief Justices Conference that took place concurrent to the Parliament                                                                          

The 13th Session of the Provisional World Parliament took place December 14 to 17, 2013 at the World Unity Convention Center in Lucknow, India, hosted by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and the City Montessori School of Lucknow.  Dr. Gandhi, as always, was a gracious and helpful host and supporter of our work.

Dr. Eugenia Almand, Secretary to the Parliament, was there a number of days ahead to work with Dr. Preeti Shankar, Chief Editor for CMS publications, and Associate Director for WCPA Asia, and Dr. Dauji Gupta, our honored longest standing Vice-President and former Mayor of Lucknow, on preparations for the Parliament.  These included the production of signs and banners, the editing and photocopying of the document packets necessary for the Parliament, and the selection and preparation of a suitable room at the World Unity Convention Center.

With my own university obligations up to the last minute, I did not arrive in Lucknow until December 13, one day before the opening session of the Parliament.  After the Parliament I spent a few days with Mahbubul Islam and WCPA in Bangladesh, a couple of days with Amit Paul, President of the Delhi Chapter of WCPA, and a couple of days at IASE University near Sardarsharhar, Ragasthan promoting the Earth Constitution and doing WCPA work.

As you know, the first 12 sessions of the Parliament passed 52 World Legislative Acts (WLAs).  Hence, our work at this session began with number 53 and continued, as you can see in the chart below, through number 63, with a few additional amendments to earlier acts, and a declaration by the Parliament.   In the chart below, I have briefly summarized only the acts not described in the Press Release for the Parliament, which was given at the Press Conference in the Press Room of CMS at 1 PM on December 18.  You can find the Press Release and the Parliament Declaration in the attachments above.  In spite of the fact that many people who had registered for the Parliament either did not show up or cancelled at the last minute, for a variety of reasons, in quality of discussion and in legislative terms this session of the Parliament was excellent.

With Laj Utreja, Director of the Institute of Global Harmony in Rajasthan and Mahbubul

Islam, WCPA Global Youth Coordinator (center).   On the left in back is Dr. Dauji Gupta, WCPA's very prominent and longest acting Vice-President, a former Mayor of Lucknow.


World Legislative Acts passed by the Parliament


53. Transition Process for National Governments Joining the Earth Federation [This sets up procedures by which national governments can join the Earth Federation through a carefully timed and planned series of phases.]

54. Remedies and Corrections  [Among other things, this act prohibits and phases out private prisons through eminent domain. It promotes sentencing programs outside of prison, such as probation; parole & house arrest. It prohibits forced labor; Permits inmate employment at fair wages, and it protects universal suffrage for inmates.]

55. Surveillance Limitations.  56. Crowd Dispersal Ban

57. Legislative Collegium  [This act requires the Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems in cooperation with other agencies, to educate all members of the World Parliament in techniques of nonviolent communication and dialogue directed toward mutual understanding as well as the provide the means and resources of interacting with other legislators in a process of cooperation for the global common good.]

58.  Neonictinoid Ban.   59.  Truth and Reconciliation Act.  

60.  Paid informant Ban. [This bill attempts to curtail police and justice-system corruption within the Earth Federation by prohibiting police use of paid informants.]

61. Fracking Ban

62. Fission Power Generation Closure.  [This act sets up rules and procedures for the closing of all fission power generation plants worldwide, procedures for dealing with the nuclear waste problem, and to deal with the worldwide contamination generated by the present worldwide use of fission nuclear energy.]

63. Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act.

Amendment to WLA29, striking allowance for private funding of campaigns for public office to the Earth Federation.

Amendment to annex of WLA29,  World Regions, to designate state of Haryana to pertain to World Region 14, instead of World Region 12.

Amendment to Change name of World Central Bank to World Public Bank. (Various locations in world legislation.)

Amendment Proposal for World Legislative Act Number 11, Article 15, for a World Federation Point System as a supplementary system of Earth Federation compensation

Some delegates to the parliament pose at the front table.

Declaration of Hope and Justice to the World

2013 World Federal Budget

The Parliament was chaired by Reverend Nohmle Mahwale, a Vice President of WCPA and President of the South Africa Chapter.  We are very grateful to her for her excellent job in this capacity.   Justice A.P. Misra, former Justice of the Supreme Court of India, who was also there for the Chief Justices Conference remained a strong supporter of our work.  And prominent international barrister, Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi, of Malaysia served, like Dr. Dauji Gupta, as an honored guest sitting at the high table during this session of the Parliament, and who recruited Mr. M.P. Pandey, Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, to be the keynote speaker at the opening ceremonies of the Parliament on December 14.  Mr. Pandey agreed to take a proposal to the U.P. Elections Board to hold a referendum on the Earth Constitution as part of their next election.

On the last day of the Parliament, three awards were given by the WCPA: first, to Prof. Dr. Minira Garayeva of Azerbaijan, making her an Honorary Vice-President of WCPA, second, a “Lighthouse of the World Award” to Prof. R. Ananthanarayanan, for his tireless dedication to the Earth Federation Work (Prof. A. was unable to be there for health reasons), and finally to Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi, for excellence in World Citizenship and dedication to the Earth Constitution.

Madam N. Saraswathy Devi receiving the WCPA World Citizenship Excellence Award for using her legal skills internationally on behalf of those in need of legal help.


I was invited to speak briefly at the Press Conference for the 14th Conference of International Chief Justices of the World on December 17th that was going on concurrently with the 13th session of the Parliament.   Our Parliament Press Conference on the 18th was attended by some 30 journalists.  Dr. Eugenia Almand gave a greeting in the Hindi language, then Dr. Dauji Gupta, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, and I spoke about the Parliament and its accomplishments at this session.   The resulting press reports in Urdu, Hindi, and English were quite positive and widespread in northern India.

Following the Parliament, I flew to Dhaka, Bangladesh, and was received by WCPA Youth Coordinator, Mahbubul Islam.  He had arranged my being generously hosted at the home of Dr. M.A. Quassem, a prominent Bangladesh citizen and retired hydraulic engineer of the government of Bangladesh.  For several days, my itinerary including meeting with several groups each day to discuss and promote the Earth Constitution.  One day we met with members of the WCPA chapter at the home of Bulbul, widow of Dr. Mujibur Rahman, my longtime friend and activist on behalf of the Earth Constitution.   One afternoon we also met at the building owned by DORP, Development Organization of the Rural Poor, founded and directed by A.H.M. Nouman, whom I met in November in the Philippines as another Laureate of the GUSI Peace Prize International.   As Mr. Noman put it, his organization works for human rights and peace from the bottom up and the Earth Constitution works for these same goals from the top down.  Both movements are necessary and complement one another.

With journalists and Human Rights activists and Mahbubul Islam, WCPA Youth Coordinator (front left)

and  A.H.M. Nouman (green vest), a fellow GUSI Peace Prize International Laureate.

After successfully promoting the Earth Constitution for several days in Bangladesh, I returned to Delhi and was hosted at the home of Amit Paul in the West Patel Nagar section of Delhi.  He is very familiar with his city and guided me on a tour which included a walk through a nearby slum.  I find that visiting of slums in cities around the world serves as a stimulus and reminder of the urgency and significance of our work.  The immense poverty and misery of people all over the Earth is reason enough alone why we must make every effort to ratify and activate the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

From Delhi I took the train 300 km West to IASE University in Sardarshar, Ragasthan where I was hosted by Chancellor Kanak Mal Dugar, his son Shri Himanshu Dugar, and Dr. Surrendra Pathak, head of the Values Education Program as IASE.    I stayed in their guest house, received an extensive tour of the university, met with the Board of Trustees, and again with many of the faculty, each time discussing the Earth Constitution with them.   They are very interested in our work on behalf of the Earth Constitution which they correctly see as a key component in the project of creating a harmonious civilization for the Earth through value education and clarification.

With Chancellor Kanak Mal Dugar (seated) explaining features of the Earth Constitution.


We expect to be working with them closely in the future to integrate the Earth Constitution into their value education program and into the developing graduate program called the Institute on Global Harmony (IGH) under the direction of Dr. Laj Utreja.   A building for the IGH is being renovated on the IASE campus for just this purpose.

Prior to the Parliament in December Dr. Almand spent some time in Pondicherry and Auroville, the latter founded by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother along with their group, World Union, an organization promoting democratic earth federation.  I will leave it open for Dr. Almand share a report on this effort independently of this report, since I was not present on this visit to Auroville.  My continuing attempt, as you know, is to build and promote our worldwide movement on behalf of the Earth Constitution through communication, interaction, and coordination of the leadership and membership of WCPA. 

After returning to the states just a few days ago, I have been engaged in the very crucial follow-up that is necessary for building a coherent and powerful movement.   As part of this I had a long conversation with Mr. Kevin Edds of Tucson, Arizona, and am pleased to say he is recovering well from his recent illness. Kevin is a key advocate of spreading the word about the Earth Federation via the electronic media and of raising money to fund our work on behalf of the Earth Federation.  I have also been in contact with WCPA Latin America Vice-President, Celina Garcia, in Costa Rica who understands the need to continue the momentum coming from the Parliament and of capitalizing on our recent accomplishments.

The press release, the Parliament Declaration, and some photos of the GUSI Peace Prize ceremonies are on-line on my website at www.radford.edu/gmartin.

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