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(Sponsored by IPPNO and WCPA)

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Glen T. Martin, President,  Patricia Ann Murphy, Chairperson Advisory Board,

Mar-Peter Raoul, Treasurer,  B. Sidney Smith, Webmaster

Dept of Philosophy and Religious Studies

PO Box 6943, Radford University,

Radford VA 24142, USA


Call for Papers


The 12th International Conference of International Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO)

Nainital, India, July 2-8, 2009


Theme:  “Freedom, Harmony, and Peace”


      International Philosophers for Peace is calling for scholarly papers within the broad framework of “freedom, harmony, and peace” for presentation at its 12th International Conference.  The this theme, which is the theme of the wider, larger, peace conference of which IPPNO will be a part, has been left intentionally broad to accommodate a wide variety of papers on the topic of peace.

      Papers may address freedom and peace within specific conflicts. They may address ways of developing harmony within diverse conflicting groups, religions, nations, or cultures.  They may wish to develop the notion of peace through perspectives on nonviolence (a topic of considerable interest in India).  They may wish to address the perspectives of individual thinkers (e.g. Levinas, Dussel, Habermas, or Rawls) in relation to peace. Or, as a final example, papers may wish to address questions of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, imperialism, or economic exploitation in relation to peace and freedom.

      Send a 500 word abstract to Dr. Glen T. Martin, IPPNO President, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Radford University, Radford VA 24142, USA.  

Deadline for submitting the abstract is April 1, 2009.    Deadline for submission of the final paper is May 1, 2009.

      To allow time for discussion of each paper, presentation time will be 20-30 minutes. A final schedule for the IPPNO part of the conference will be published to all participants by November 1, 2008.

Please Note: Selected papers from this conference will be published in a single volume by the Institute for Economic Democracy Press in the U.S.


      Presenters at the IPPNO part of this larger conference must register for the entire conference, which is necessary for proper organization and coordination by our local hosts in Nainital.  Please note the dates for early and late registration below.

 Please see registration information for the larger conference July 2-8 after the call to the Provisional World Parliament below.




Africa Office: Lome, Togo. Dr. Dominique Balouki phone 228-900-0578

Sri Lanka Office: In memory of past President, Dr. Terence Amerasinghe (1917-2007)

North American Office: 313 7th Avenue, Radford, VA 24141, USA. Dr. Glen T. Martin email:

Secretary General: Dr. Glen T. Martin Parliament Secretary: Dr. Eugenia Almand, email:                 


Call to the

Eleventh Session of the Provisional World Parliament

July 2-8, 2009, Nainital, India


To all world citizens and persons concerned about the future of humanityB


The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), organizing agent for the Provisional World Parliament, has arranged the Eleventh Session of the Parliament to meet for Nainital, India, July 2-8, 2009 in conjunction with International Philosophers for Peace Conference.

We issue this call in conformance with Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth that grants the people of Earth the legal right to begin Provisional World Government until such time as the Earth Constitution has been fully ratified under the provisions set forth in Article 17.

Both Observers to the parliament and Delegates are welcome! Both may participate actively in the proceedings. Only delegates (who have pledged their allegiance to the Earth Constitution) may vote.  The developing Earth Federation Movement (EFM) is expressed in these historic parliaments held in Brighton, England (1982), New Delhi, India (1985), Miami Beach, USA (1987), Barcelona, Spain (1996), Malta (2001), Bangkok, Thailand (March 2003), Chennai, India (December 2003), Lucknow, India (2004), Tripoli, Libya (2006), and Lome, Togo (2007). The Eleventh Session in Nainital will be such an historic event: we are building a truly new world order within the shell of the old!!

Today's world situation calls for a World Parliament to continually build the body of world law, modeling for the rest of the world the way human problems are properly addressed. It also demands immediate action to establish democratic world government in accordance with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Global climate change continues to create disaster for peoples everywhere and is getting worse each day. Global weapons of mass destruction continue to threaten the existence of life on Earth. Depleted uranium weapons used massively in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to poison our planetary environment forever. Global tyranny under the world's superpower increases daily. The resources of the Earth (land, forests, fisheries, clean water) disappear at astonishing rates. Pollution and toxic waste contaminate ever larger portions of the Earth. We must act now!


Reserve the dates. Begin planning now!

Details of registration are below.

These will also be posted on the and and websites.



Dr.Glen T. Martin         Professor Dominique Balouki         Sir Dr. Reinhart Ruge

USA, Secretary-General             Togo, Coordinator for Africa              Mexico, President Emeritus

Dr. Dauji Gupta                      Eugenia Almand, J.D.

India, Vice-President, WCPA                    Secretary for Provisional World Parliament




Registration for the World Peace Conference and Parliament

This registration includes:

              The 11th Session of the Provisional World Parliament and the International Philosophers for Peace Conference, as well as evening events and other tourist events for seeing Nainital and the surrounding area of the Himalayas.

The Registration fee also includes room, board, coffee breaks, materials, organization, publicity, and local transportation for the full five days of the conference. It will also includes room for the sixth night for those arriving on July 2st and leaving on July 9th. This is a real bargain by any measure.

Delegates will only have to cover their own transportation costs to and from Nainital.

Early Registration before April 1st, 2009 is $350 US for hard currency countries (Japan, Europe, North Am.)

Early Registration before April 1st 2009 is $53 (2500 Indian Rupees) for those from non-hard currency countries.

Later Registration after April 1st, 2008 is $400 for hard currency countries (Yen, Euros, or Dollars).

Later Registration after April 1st, 2008 is $63 (3000 Indian Rupees) for non-hard currency countries.

How to Register. Send your completed registration form along with checks, international money orders, or Western Union cash made out to "Institute On World Problems -Nainital Conference" to

            Dr. Glen T. Martin, WCPA Treasurer,

            313 Seventh Ave.,   Radford VA 24141,  USA.           Email:

IPPNO Conference papers should also be submitted to Dr. Glen T. Martin, IPPNO President for review by the Conference Review Committee. 


World Peace Conference and Parliament Schedule


  • Arrive Nainital: July 2, 2009.  International Participants may wish to fly into Delhi on July 1st, spend the night in the Sri Aurobindo Guest House in Delhi (about 600 rs) and take the train to Nainital the following day.

  • July 2: evening reception for participants.

  • July 3: 9 AM to Noon: conference registration.  1-5 PM Parliament convenes.

  • July 4-5, 9 AM to 5 PM:  11th Session, Provisional World Parliament.

  • July 6-7th International Philosophers for Peace Conference.

  • July 8 (Wednesday): Morning closing plenary session.   Leave Nainital.

  • Some may wish to reserve their rooms longer for local hiking and sightseeing in the Himalayas after the conference.           



Registration Information: Please Print Clearly

or email to



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