Declaration of Nainital and Post-Parliament Press Release

Declaration of Nainital

Unanimously affirmed at the

Provisional World Parliament – 11th Session – 5 July 2009

We members of the Provisional World Parliament declare that every effort must be made to hold a founding convention for ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth in the near future. The vital work of this Provisional World Parliament in building the body of world law indeed establishes a model for the world as to how human problems can and must be addressed. However, this is not enough.

Global climate-change continues to create disaster for peoples everywhere and is getting worse each day. Global weapons of mass destruction continue to threaten the existence of life on Earth. The big nuclear powers (the USA, the United Kingdom, China, and Russia) continue to mouth their hypocritical criticisms of North Korea’s nuclear program, while each of them prepares ever-more devastating weapons of mass destruction and ever-more horrendous ways of destroying people and property. Depleted uranium weapons used massively in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to poison our planetary environment virtually forever. The resources of the Earth (land, forests, fisheries, clean water, etc.) disappear at an astonishing rate. Pollution and toxic waste contaminate larger portions of the Earth. We must act now!

The change of the global political atmosphere with the ascension of Barack Obama to power in the United States should not mislead the peoples of Earth. The Obama administration continues the imperial wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and continues the imperialism of the United States through the staffing and maintenance of more than 700 U.S. military bases worldwide. Replacing the grim face of the Bush Administration with the friendly face of Obama has not changed the U.S.-led project of global economic and military domination.

Evidence of this increases with each day of the Obama administration. While the style is different the imperial project remains the same. A U.S. military offensive is initiated in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Horrendous, inhuman, remotely operated attack drones continue to kill hundreds of civilians in these countries. The same economic powers who created our global financial depression are being resurrected by the Obama Administration – given billions of dollars in gratuitous aid money – to reestablish the same planetary system of economic exploitation and domination known as global capitalism. The U.S. procures a new military base in Columbia with the obvious intent of being able to attack the leftist regimes that have come to power in most Latin American states.

As dozens of renowned thinkers have pointed out, the system of so-called sovereign nation-states itself is inherently a war system, breeding perpetual arms races, endless wars, and increasing terrorist responses to massive injustices among nations and peoples. As they have also pointed out, the globalized capitalist system creates an ever-increasing disparity between poor and rich worldwide and hastens the collapse of our planetary environment through pollution, global warming, and profit-driven destruction of the biosphere.

We, delegates assembled at Nainital, carrying the torch of a peaceful and prosperous world order through genuinely democratic world government, stand aghast and in horror at these continued atrocities against nature and the poor majority of the Earth’s citizens. We resolve to commit ourselves ever-more fervently to the project of establishing a founding convention for ratification of the Earth Constitution and beginning a truly new era of peace, prosperity, justice, and dignity for all humankind.

Together, we adopt this declaration unanimously. Today, through these sessions of the Provisional World Parliament, we are building the Earth Federation within the shell of the rotten old world order. Tomorrow, we will participate in the founding of a truly new planetary order of peace and justice for all the citizens of our Earth.


Provisional World Parliament Meets in Nainital, India

In early July an historic meeting took place at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Nainital, India. More than 50 people from a dozen countries met together to help create a real future for our planet. They rightfully represented the people of Earth, empowered by their universal responsibility to act before it is too late. These global citizens met together in the 11th session of the Provisional World Parliament under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

These world citizen delegates for the Earth did not give fine speeches. They did not talk about conferences or publishing papers. They acted to transform the future by debating proposed world legislation. Much of this legislation was passed into world law by the parliament, building on the body of provisional world law already in place from the first 10 sessions of parliament that took place from 1982 to 2007 in various cities around the world.

Bills passed into provisional world law included a procedure for the dismantling of nuclear weapons, a law protecting the people of Earth from too much bureaucracy in the world government, an act criminalizing human trafficking for sexual or other purposes, an act abolishing all secret intelligence agencies like the CIA, M5 or Mossad, a bill elaborating the restrictions on the military uses of depleted uranium, and a law protecting the right of nonviolent civil disobedience for the people of Earth under the Earth Federation. These laws add to the body of previous world law as the people of Earth actually build democratic world government under the authority of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

All sessions of the Parliament have been sponsored by the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) that was founded in 1958 to bring peace and justice to the Earth under democratic world government. Through a process of four Constituent Assemblies meeting in cities around the world over a period of 23 years from 1968 to 1991, the WCPA drafted, revised, and organized preliminary ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. This Constitution has been translated into 23 languages and distributed worldwide. It is available on line at or At this session of Parliament, copies of the Constitution newly translated into Bengali were distributed.

Since the final Constituent Assembly that took place in Troia, Portugal in 1991, the Constitution has been offered to the world for ratification as a completed document, not simply as a proposal. Since that time the WCPA has campaigned to have the people and nations of Earth ratify the Constitution and begin the final World Parliament under the conditions specified in Article 17.

The Provisional World Parliament has held sessions in various countries around the world since 1982 when it first met at the famous Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England. Subsequent sessions of the Parliament have been held in India, the USA, Spain, Malta, Thailand, Libya, and Togo in West Africa. The Parliament has met four times in India: in 1985 in Delhi, 2003 in Chennai, 2004 in Lucknow and 2009 in Nainital. The session in Delhi met at the renowned Constitution Club where the Constitution of India was signed. It was opened by the then President of India and presided over by the then speaker of the Lok Sabha.

The Earth Constitution establishes non-military democratic world government for the world with the authority to disarm the nations and end war, to protect the global environment and the natural resources of the Earth, and to create universal prosperity for all the persons of Earth. These goals cannot be reached under the present world order of militarized nation-states economically competing with one another under globalized capitalism.

The Provisional World Parliament meeting in Nainital is part of this effort to establish world government beginning with provisional world government until such time as the Earth Constitution is officially ratified by the people and nations of Earth. The Parliament has developed a body of provisional world laws that model for the world the kind of peaceful, just, and prosperous world order that could and should exist upon the Earth. These can be found at and are being included in a three volume publication entitled Emerging World Law, edited by Eugenia Almand and Glen T. Martin.

Information concerning the Earth Federation Movement can be found at the above websites as well as at The WCPA has its main offices in the USA, West Africa, and Chennai, India. The Earth Federation Movement is truly global in scope, welcoming citizens from all countries, religions and backgrounds. For further information contact Dr. Glen T. Martin, Secretary-General, at


Call to the 9th Session of the Parliament and to the 10 International Philosophers for Peace Conference

Photos of Nainital, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and the Himalaya Mountains


A Brief Overview of the Work of WCPA

In the last five to six years (since 2003), WCPA has successfully organized the 6th session of the Provisional World Parliament in Bangkok, Thailand, the 7th in Chennai, India, the 8th in Lucknow, India, the 9th in Tripoli, Libya, the 10th, in Kara, Togo, and the 11th in July 2009 in Nainital, India.  At the 11th session, the delegation from Bangladesh presented the Parliament with the Constitution newly translated into its 23rd language: Bengali (the language of at least 160 million people of Earth).

 We have held regular Executive Council meetings and recently appointed new and energetic leaders to the Council.  We are now working on the international arrangements for the 12th session of Parliament in Zagreb, Croatia for June 2010.    It takes a great deal of work and preparation to do every one of these international events, and it takes enthusiastic local supporters on the ground to serve has local arrangement committees and hosts.

 In addition, we have had an official presence at every one of the 9 annual International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World and Global Symposiums that have taken place in Lucknow, India every year.  We were there for the very first, had a big WCPA meeting in Lucknow in conjunction with the 2nd, and will be there at the 10th, this December.   (These conferences and symposiums have just been discovered by other world citizens groups in just the last two years.)   We have been with them for 10 years, since the organizer and manager of CMS, Sri Jagdish Gandhi, is a WCPA Vice-President and long time supporter of the Earth Constitution.     At the 10th session this December, at Mr. Gandhi’s urging, we will have the Constitution available to all the Justices in four different languages: English, French, Hindi, and Urdu.

 We have established the Institute On World Problems as a 501c3 educational institution in the U.S. to work closely with WCPA in our worldwide educational efforts.    During this period, the IOWP has held international seminars for WCPA members and other interested people in Chennai, India (twice), Lucknow, India (twice), Takoradi, Ghana, Kara, Togo (twice), Dhaka, Bangladesh (three times), Teplotzan, Mexico, Kameoka, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand, Radford, Virginia, and Toronto, Canada.    In doing this, we empower and educate local WCPA chapters and members, and bring in others to the Earth Federation Movement.   In 2004, IOWP also published the Manifesto of the Earth Federation which has been widely distributed in English and Spanish.   Right now IOWP is also mounting a mailing campaign in the U.S. with brochures and information that will be going to thousands of organizations and individuals.

 We have distributed well over 2000 copies of the Earth Constitution in French, English, or Spanish in all of these places and met with key political officials in all these places, giving them copies of the Constitution.    We have corresponded by email and surface mail with WCPA members and chapters all over the world.    Our huge chapter in the Tamil Nadu state of India has moved into new, larger offices and has had a late model automobile donated to facilitate its work.  A number of prominent businessmen there support our work.  Our supporters in Kolkata, India have been raising support and funds for a separately constructed World Peace Center there, which will have separate offices for WCPA and IOWP.

 Our office of the World Peace Envoy in Thailand has been re-empowered and reorganized to lead a movement to have a WCPA sponsored World Peace Envoy designated for every country.    Our supporters in Togo, Africa have gotten donated land in two cities for WCPA Permaculture Projects and have begun farming these projects as models for a future sustainable world.   They are working on developing a “World University” there that will house WCPA and IOWP and be organized around truly universal principles of democratic world government.

 Our supporters in South Africa are presently distributing and promoting the study of the Earth Constitution in that country.  We have revitalized our movement in Costa Rica and now have people there with links to the rest of Central America who are working with us.  We have met with two African Heads of state and many members of various parliaments, as well as the Vice-President of the European Union during this period, promoting  uniting the Earth under its only viable Constitution. We have been working to meet with Hugo Chavez and have been making efforts through contacts to get a personal meeting just devoted to our work.

 We have designed and developed a model Earth Currency (yes, actually designed a very sophisticated universal currency system) that has been mailed to many heads of State and we are continuing to send this currency to heads of state and key people around the world showing them the way out of the world’s current economic imperialism and slavery.  This world currency has been integrated into the Earth Federation under the Constitution through carefully designed acts of the Provisional World Parliament.

 In addition, during this period we have come to a permanent agreement with the Institute for Economic Democracy Press, an established progressive publishing house in the U.S., to serve as a WCPA-IOWP Publishing house.   The Press has published World Revolution through World Law. It has published my Ascent to Freedom: Practical and Philosophical Foundations of Democratic World Law, and in spring 2009 it came out with the first of a three volume publication called Emerging World Law, edited by Dr. Eugenia Almand and myself.  The Press has also published Earth Federation Now! (2005) and 21st Century Democratic Renaissance (2008) by renowned British Professor Errol E. Harris: both books arguing for the necessity of world democracy under the Earth Constitution.  We have had an immense productivity in the past 5 years of first class publications devoted to the conceptual and practical foundations that the Earth Constitution is the only viable option for humanity.

 My own personal website is not exclusively IOWP or WCPA but is supplied by Radford University for my use.   It is not meant to be an interactive WCPA site.  WCPA has established as a new web site during this period and IOWP has established     Both of these are still under development and have a long way to go as far as drawing on the latest technologies to become interactive, etc.   There are several other WCPA related websites that were established by the old WCPA under Philip Isely, but we do not have control over them and they remain dormant.    But as you can see from the above account, we are not simply an electronic mirage (like some of these world federalist groups) encouraging endless talk by world citizens who somehow think that the internet is a substitute for on the ground work to build a real new world democracy within the shell of the old world disorder.    Our chapters and members around the world are working locally to establish the foundations and infrastructure of the coming Earth Federation.

We are active and growing, and will develop the internet and web site aspect as we have personnel and resources.   We have initiatives and projects spanning several continents and in many directions.  We are on the move – not just creating more world citizen gossip on the internet but taking real action for real change under the authority of the Earth Constitution.  Join us - and become part of the real solution for humankind on planet Earth!


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