Earth Federation Movement (EFM)

and the

World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

sponsored the 12th session of the



Report on the

Twelfth Session of the Provisional World Parliament

That met in conjunction with the 13th International Conference of

International Philosophers for Peace

As part of World Peace Thinkers and Poets Meet Conference

December 27-31, 2010,    Kolkata, India

Preliminary Remarks

The developing Earth Federation Movement (EFM) is expressed in these historic sessions of the Provisional World Parliament that have been held in Brighton, England (1982), New Delhi, India (1985), Miami Beach, USA (1987), Barcelona, Spain (1996), Malta (2001), Bangkok, Thailand (March 2003), Chennai, India (December 2003), Lucknow, India (2004), Tripoli, Libya (2006), Lome, Togo (2007), and Nainital, India (2009). The Twelfth Session proved to be another such historic event: we are building a truly new world order within the shell of the old!!

Today's world situation calls for a World Parliament to continually build the body of world law, modeling for the rest of the world the way human problems are properly addressed. It also demands immediate action to establish democratic world government in accordance with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Global climate change continues to create disaster for peoples everywhere and is getting worse each day. Global weapons of mass destruction continue to threaten the existence of life on Earth. Depleted uranium weapons used massively in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to poison our planetary environment forever. Global tyranny under the world's superpower increases daily. The resources of the Earth (land, forests, fisheries, clean water) disappear at astonishing rates. Pollution and toxic waste contaminate ever larger portions of the Earth. We must act now to establish the rule of non-military democratic law for the Earth.




The 12th Session of the Provisional World Parliament

Report by Dr. Glen T. Martin, President of the Parliament

(Note: The official report for the Parliament is prepared by the Parliament Secretary, Dr. Eugenia Almand, and is posted at and  The following report is, therefore, a personal description of the events, documents, and significance of this session of Parliament. Of course, quotes from Parliament documents below are accurate.)

 (The Parliament paused to take a moment of silence and say a collective prayer for the recovery of Dr. Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh, Vice-President of WCPA and an eminent leader of our work for many years. Dr. Rahman was too ill to attend this session, although he was very much with us in spirit.  The delegation of seven persons from Bangladesh was led by Mahbubul Islam, International Youth Coordinator for WCPA. We were in regular contact with Mujibur by telephone.)

The Provisional World Parliament met at its 12th session in Kolkata, India, December 27-31, 2010. It met within the framework of a huge series of cultural and intellectual events in various auditoriums at Rabindra Sadan and Sri Aurobindo Bhavan in downtown Kolkata. This framework conference was named WORLD THINKERS AND POETS MEET - 2010. Within this context International Philosophers for Peace also met at its 13th International Conference, and a number of other events took place. The entire affair was begun on December 27th by a large peace march that began at the Gandhi statue in Kolkata and marched to the Rabindra Sadan campus for opening ceremonies. Included are some photos of the march, the opening ceremonies, and the Parliament in session.


The peace march was largely led by WCPA officers with Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay, conference organizer and WCPA Vice-President, here carrying the torch of peace. At the right is Professor R. Ananthanarayanan, based in Chennai, India, and director of WCPA for Asia.

The Parliament opened on the afternoon of December 27th with the issuing of a press release to the Indian media signed by four leaders of the parliament announcing the advent of world government under the Constitution within 10 years. The release:

World Constitution and Parliament Association

Organizing Agent for Sessions of the Provisional World Parliament          

Cooperating with the Institute On World Problems

North America Office: 313 Seventh Avenue, Radford, VA 24141 USA fax: 1 (540) 831-5919             

Asia Office: New No. 40, Old No 212/1, St.Mary's Road, Mandaveli, Chennai - 600 028, Tamil Nadu, India.

Ph: 044 - 24939233/ 24936945 Mob: 94440 86760 Dr. R. Ananthanarayanan

Dr. Preeti Shanker, City Montessori School of Lucknow

Africa Office: B.P. 680, Kara, TOGO, WEST AFRICA fax: 228-660-1812 and 228-660-1104

Dr. Dominique Balouki

Honorary President for Life Sir Dr. Reinhart Ruge, Mexico

President In honor of Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe (1917-2007), Sri Lanka


Vice-Presidents Dr. Ramanujam Ananthanarayanan, India. Dr. Dominique S. Balouki, Togo. Dr. Ramadan Breki, Libya. Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay, India. Puan Sri Seri N. Saraswathy Devi, Maylasia

Sri. Jagdish Gandhi, India. Lic. Celina Garcia, Costa Rica.Dr. Dauji Gupta, India Dr. Roger Kotila, USA. Dr. Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh. Dr. Preeti Shankar, India.   Dr. Phichai Tovivich, Thailand


Secretary - General Dr. Glen T. Martin, USA

Deputy Secretary General Ms. Eugenia Almand, USA

Treasurer Phyllis Turk, MS, CNM, USA

Youth Coordinator Mr. Mahbubul Islam, Bangladesh

27 December 2010                                                                                            Press Release

Announcing democratic world government within 10 years under the Earth Constitution!

The world can no longer endure global militarism and endless wars, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, international chaos, poverty and misery for the majority, global warming, ever-increasing pollution, and resource depletion!

These crises are a direct result of the system of sovereign nation-states and global multinational capitalism. They cannot be solved unless we change the world system itself. The Earth Constitution transforms both aspects of the world system on the principle of holism: uniting all people and nations within a peace system, a justice system, a sustainability system, and a prosperity system.

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) is a worldwide organization committed to developing enforceable world law under the non-military, democratic Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Holism means that the grass-roots level and the global level work in harmony within the unity in diversity of a planetary system of democracy and freedom. This movement is known as the Earth Federation Movement (EFM)

Since 1982 we have been developing the World Parliament by passing many quality world legislative acts through its 12 sessions to date ( At the World Judiciary Summit in Lucknow, on December 12, 2010, we launched the Colegium of World Judges to activate the World Supreme Court system.

In this World Peace Thinkers and Poets Meet in Kolkata, at the 12th Session of the Provisional World Parliament, we are launching the campaign for ratification of the Earth Constitution by the people and nations of Earth.

The people of Earth are waking up to the lie of militarized sovereign nation-states and capitalist exploitation of resources and cheap labor. They are crying out for global democracy and justice. The Constitution for the Federation of Earth, translated into 23 languages including Bengali, is the answer to their cry. We call for people everywhere to stand forth and demand ratification of the Earth Constitution.

Dr. Glen T. Martin

Secretary General

Puan Sri Saraswathy Devi

Chair, Women's and Children's Affairs

Dr. Eugenia Almand

Secretary, World Parliament

E. P. Menon

Indian Peace Leader

The stage at the opening ceremonies hosted many regional and international dignitaries

The Parliament shone like a jewel at the heart of World Peace Thinkers and Poets Meet. For as we made clear on many occasions, the Parliament in itself is not just another peace conference or meeting of global civil society. The Parliament has governmental authority under the Earth Constitution. The Parliament is the core of the emerging world government under the auspices of the Earth Federation Movement. This accounts for the integrity, discipline, and quality with which the Parliament and its preparatory work are undertaken. In the Parliament, citizens of Earth are taking responsibility for governing themselves, and the great tradition of democratic self-government comes to fulfillment in our direct action for a transformed world-system of peace, freedom, and justice.

A portion of the audience at the opening ceremonies


Dr. Glen T. Martin, President of the Parliament, gives his opening address.


Legislative and Resolution Agenda for the 12th Session of the Provisional World Parliament

(See the website of the Institute on World Problems - for the full text of these bills and resolutions passed by the Parliament.)

 1. Bill for initiating the Collegium of World Judges

2. Assessment and correction of the work of the General Review Conference of the International Criminal Court by the Provisional World Parliament.

3. Declaration on World Federal Distinction (concerning the right of all governmental entities to join the Earth Federation independently).

4. Democracy Enhancement through Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act

5. Shipbreaking bill (based on the Greenpeace Shipbreaking Bill Proposal).

6. Amendment proposal for WLA#40, regarding insider trading.

7. Amendment proposal for WLA#19 regarding crimes of accessory, accomplice and attempt.

8. Declaration of Citizen and Government Responsibilities under the Earth Constitution.

9. Law regulating the decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants.

10. Economic Prosperity Act of 2010.

11. Approval of Budget for the implementation of provisional world laws passed during the 12 sessions of the Parliament.

12. Conceptual Model for the Earth Federation based on the Earth Constitution.

 Note: Proposals of legislation and/or resolutions for the Parliament are open to all delegates and the tens of thousands living persons who have signed the Earth Constitution. Those who intend to propose are urged to study previous legislation and the Earth Constitution to avoid duplications or inconsistencies as well as legislative drafting guidelines for proper from. The proposed legislation is then sent to Dr. Eugenia Almand, Chair of the Legislative Review Committee. Once accepted by the Review Committee as passing the above criteria, it is posted months in advance of each session of Parliament on the Institute on World Problems website ( Delegates planning to attend the Parliament are urged to study the proposed legislation and resolutions for the Parliament well in advance of meeting face to face.

Some delegates from the 11th session of Parliament in Nainital in 2009

Some of the representatives from many cultures, countries, and international NGOs who were participating at the 12th session in Kolkata in 2010.


Legislation and Resolutions before this session of Parliament

This session of Parliament was notable for its extraordinary quality agenda that included 12 proposed bills for legislative acts and resolutions to be considered for adoption. Virtually all the legislation and resolutions were adopted, every one after vigorous discussion, with changes suggested by delegates to the Parliament. Behind the scene of the Parliament were months of work by the World Constitution and Parliament Association as organizing agent and the Institute on World Problems (a non-profit tax deductible organization based in the U.S.), studying the world's problems and, with input to ratifiers of the Earth Constitution worldwide, developing quality legislation to address those problems.

  1. Bill for initiating the Collegium of World Judges.

    A number of WCPA members from India had just come from the World Judiciary Summit in Lucknow, India (December 10-14, 2010) sponsored by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and the City Montessori School at Lucknow. At the summit, that, like the Kolkata events, included many prominent peace activists and Supreme Court justices from around the world, all participants were given a copy of Constitution for the Federation of Earth - With Historical Introduction, Commentary, and Conclusion by Glen T. Martin. The justices formulated resolutions advocating the creation of a world parliament as the first step toward world peace and a transformed world system.

    The bill introduced into the Parliament in Kolkata, written in cooperation with CMS leaders at the World Judiciary Summit, activated the Collegium of Judges that is called for by the Earth Constitution. The Constitution provides for the creation of a Collegium of Judges, between 20 and 60 in number, from which will be staffed the eight benches of the World Supreme court.

    Article 19 of the Earth Constitution sanctions the development of Provisional World Government until such time as the final world government is activated through ratification of the Earth Constitution. The Provisional World Parliament operates under Article 19. This bill would add a second agency of Provisional World Government through creation of a Provisional World Supreme Court System. This court already has ample provisional world criminal law and other statutes to guide its operations as passed by the PWP since the first session in 1982 as well as the framework of the Earth Constitution itself.

    Qualification to the Collegium of World Judges requires a judge be retired from the Supreme Court of any nation on Earth who voluntarily wishes to participate in the Collegium and ratifies the Earth Constitution. The Collegium under the Constitution appoints its own members to the Supreme Court system. Retired Supreme Court Justices from all nations are invited to join the Collegium, which operates according to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. An entire new branch of Provisional World Government was therefore enacted at Kolkata. This alone would have justified the time and expense of organizing this session of Parliament.

  2. Assessment of the work of the International Criminal Court by the Provisional World Parliament.

    WCPA leaders Dr. Glen T. Martin and Dr. Eugenia Almand participated, on behalf of global civil society, at the General Review Conference of the International Criminal Court that took place in Kampala, Uganda, June 1-11, 2010. Representatives from the 111 nations signatory to the ICC were in attendance as well as delegations from non-signatory nations like the United States. Security was very high and accommodations were elaborate as befitting an official meeting of the governments of Earth.

    A large portion of the discussions at the Review Conference were taken up in defining the crime of aggression (already mentioned in the Rome Statute of the ICC but not adequately defined and without authorization for the court to begin prosecuting aggressors). The ICC Review Conference, after much discussion and maneuvering on the part of the nation-states and much pressure from the U.S. delegation, agreed on the following definition of aggression:

    "For the purpose of this Statute, "crime of aggression" means the planning, preparation, initiation or execution, by a person in a position effectively to exercise control over or to direct the political or military action of a State, of an act of aggression which by its character, gravity and scale, constitutes a manifest violation of the Charter of the United Nations."

    The definition is very poor since it introduces the final conditional clause which makes defining aggression subject to the UN Charter (which for 65 years has been unable to prevent aggression in the world) and hence the veto by the five aggressor states who have permanent seats on the Security Council. Secondly, the Review Conference agreed not to begin implementing ICC actions on this clause until the year 2017, obviously a very poor decision in a world where aggression by nation-states occurs has been occurring daily for many years.

    The goal of the bill before the Parliament was to adequately define the crime of aggression and to take steps to bring the ICC under the empowering authority of the Earth Constitution so that its operations will no longer be hamstrung by so-called nation-state sovereignty. If the court begins working with the Parliament and the newly created Collegium of World Judges, then its operations will be immeasurably empowered to prosecute crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression, bringing the world one step closer to the genuine rule of law and out of the present system of war-based international anarchy.

    In addition, a further step toward the rule of law envisioned by the Parliament would be for the Assembly of States Parties that are signatory to the ICC Treaty to begin acting as the House of Nations under the Earth Constitution. The current Provisional World Parliament, which, in effect has been acting as the House of Counsellors, could then work with the House of Nations to activate the House of Peoples. This would complete the tricameral structure of the Provisional World Parliament and set the stage for a Founding Ratification Convention at which the Earth Constitution is ratified and activated in its entirety as non-military democratic world government.

    This bill defining aggression was passed with thoughtful and perceptive revisions that resulted from the learned discussions, especially the input of international lawyers present in the Parliament as honorary sponsors and delegates: Justice A.P. Mishra, former Justice of the Supreme Court of India and Puan Sri Saraswathy Devi, prominent international lawyer from Malaysia.

    Justice A.P. Mishra, retired Justice, Supreme Court of India, in the dark suit third from the left


    Puan Sri Saraswathy Devi, former Chair, International Assoc. Women Lawyers, is wearing the blue sari.


  3. Declaration on World Federal Distinction (concerning the right of all governmental entities to join the Earth Federation independently).

    The significance of the legislation from this session of Parliament should be clear. The legislation is highly professional, written according to the highest drafting guidelines for legislation, and examined by international justices and lawyers such as A.P. Mishra and Puan Sri Saraswathy Devi.

    This third piece of legislation on "World Federal Distinction" is also absolutely crucial to the development of democratic world government under the Earth Constitution and therefore to the future of humanity. As with the initiation of the Collegium of World Judges, "World Federal Distinction" enables the progress of implementation of the Earth Constitution and alone would have merited the cost and preparations to hold this session of Parliament.

    This legislation declares (what is already implicit in the Earth Constitution) that the states, cantons, or Pradesh within the giant continental federations of the United States, China, India, or Russia (etc.) may ratify the Constitution and join the Earth Federation independently of their larger federal structures. For example, states within the United States may ratify the Earth Constitution and become independent members of the House of Nations.

    This will not only facilitate ratification of the Earth Constitution but will give better representation to the people of these continental federations in the House of Nations. If the giant federations ratify as a whole (e.g., the United States as one nation) then, according to the Constitution, it would only be allowed 3 delegates in the House of Nations. However, if the 50 states of the U.S. ratify the Constitution as separate nations, they collectively would have 50 representatives in the House of Nations. The same would be true for Russia, China, India, etc. This legislation signifies a real step forward in the conceptual framework behind the Earth Federation Movement. A debt of gratitude is due to Provisional World Parliament Secretary Dr. Eugenia Almand for conceiving and introducing this legislation.

    Dr. Almand, Secretary of the Provisional World Parliament, with Kolkata children.

    The press release announced world government in ten years. Dr. Almand, like other leaders of the EFM, understands that the world is in the midst of a paradigm shift that will transform our failed institutions very rapidly. At the heart of this paradigm shift is the Provisional World Parliament.

  4. Democracy Enhancement through Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act.

    Anyone familiar with the havoc wreaked by giant corporations around the world today will immediately understand the significance of this act. Over the past century corporations have managed to manipulate the laws to make themselves into legal personalities with all the rights of natural human beings, except that as organizational structures they lack any moral conscience and, as such, they are also immortal (they do not die like natural persons).

    Under this shield they have managed to use their vast resources to colonize government, communications media, the world's natural resources, banking, and military industrial complexes to avoid being held accountable. They have managed to effectively destroy democracy around the world and now govern the world in their own interests rather than the interests human beings or future generations.

    This bill, passed with thoughtful modifications from the floor of the Parliament, returns corporations to the status of entities legally recognized whose charters are stipulated and governed and limited by government for serving the common good. Corporations, the bill recognizes, are important for their know-how and infrastructures, but must be subject to the will of the people and good government and no longer rogue entities, with billions of dollars at their disposal, claiming the rights of natural persons. Like the others, this bill passed unanimously with several friendly amendments.

  5. Shipbreaking bill (based on the Greenpeace Shipbreaking Bill Proposal).

    Article 1 of the Earth Constitution presents six broad functions of the Earth Federation, all of which involve dealing with issues in the planetary and international domains beyond the scope of nation-states and their limited ability to regulate international affairs and establish the rule of law in these areas. This Shipbreaking bill, therefore, fits well with these broad functions of the Earth Federation. Currently regulated by the Basel Convention, companies engaged in shipbreaking (which is a polluting, dangerous, and expensive industrial process) are able to avoid the environmental, safety, and procedural requirements for proper disposal of ships. The legislation, passed unanimously, assigns criminal penalties for non-compliance and requires full transparency of every aspect of the ship ownership and disposal process. The Institute on World Problems had already identified this as a serious world problem.

  6. Amendment proposal for WLA#40, regarding insider trading.

    World Legislative Act 40 provides a series of grace periods, with increasing penalties for non-compliance, for divestment by all those holding stock in bomb and weapons companies. This amendment to the bill provides immunity from charges of insider trading for all those who in good faith are in the process of divesting their investments in weapons companies. It was passed with friendly amendments and after careful scrutiny by Parliament lawyers.

  7. Amendment proposal for WLA#19 (and/or #13), regarding crimes of accessory, accomplice and attempt.

    World Legislative Act 19 defines the levels of crimes within the Earth Federation (misdemeanors, felonies, etc.) and assigns penalties to these various levels of crimes. This amendment adds a section to the act that defines levels of culpability for being an accomplice or accessory to a crime or for attempting a crime as defined in WLA 19. As should be clear from this and the above act, part of the work of the Parliament involves scrutinizing the body of Provisional World Legislation for consistency, coherence, and completeness. This bill, and numbers 5 and 6 above, were passed by the Parliament and sent to committee to streamline some of the wording without altering the content of the bills. The on-going result is that the Parliament is producing a body of quality provisional world law comparable to the best produced by any of the nation-states.

  8. Declaration of Citizen Responsibilities under the Earth Constitution.

    The Earth Constitution provides two bills of rights for the people of Earth. Article 12 lists 18 sections of political rights and freedoms and Article 13 lists 19 sections of economic and social rights as well as planetary "third generation" rights to peace and a viable global environment. Like any viable constitution, these rights constitute law, a set of laws predicated on maximizing freedom, peace, justice, and prosperity in human affairs. To maximize freedom a set of rights is necessary but few democratic constitutions are likely to list many citizen duties and responsibilities as requirements of the law. (The Constitution of Australia lists a few of these, for example, the legal duty to vote.) Freedom not to participate must be maintained to circumscribe governmental interference in the lives of citizens at the same time that a good constitution provides multiple opportunities and incentives for citizens to take responsibility and participate in many forms of civic duty empowering and enlivening democratic government at every level.

    That is why this document approved unanimously with minor changes by the 12th session has the form of a "declaration" rather than a law. The Parliament wishes to make very clear that no democratic government can flourish in a dynamic and vibrant way without both government employees and private citizens seeing the many dimensions of good citizenship and the moral need to involve themselves in the processes of governing themselves (which is the heart of democratic government). At the same time the Parliament wishes to minimize government interference is the private lives of its citizens. As Article 12.7 of the Earth Constitution states, citizens have an inalienable right of "freedom to profess and promote political beliefs or no political beliefs."

    The Declaration takes the form of identifying seven principles at the foundation of authentic democracy: (1) the dignity of all persons as human beings, (2) the fact that all persons have inalienable rights, (3) universal political equality within a context of reasonable economic equality, (4) public space necessary for genuine communication, (5) consent of the governed and their active participation in the creation of the laws, (6) reduction as much as possible of the use of force in human affairs, and (7) representation of the common good of the whole. For each of these principles it lists a detailed set of citizen responsibilities and government (Earth Federation) responsibilities.

    The result reveals both the spirit and intent of the Parliament and the Earth Constitution. The people of Earth have many direct duties and responsibilities if they wish to live in a world of peace, reasonable prosperity for all, freedom, justice, and sustainability. This statement now stands as a Parliament approved beacon of the kind of world government being developed by the Parliament and that will exist under the Earth Constitution. A very important addition has been made to the body of world legislation and declarations of the PWP.

  9. Law regulating and funding the decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants.

    The justifying preamble to the bill should make clear why the Earth Federation is concerned about decommissioning:

    Whereas, the useful life of a nuclear power plant is generally estimated at 30 to 50 years;

    Whereas the cost of regular decommissioning of a nuclear power plant has been estimated to average about 6.5 million Earth Hours per plant (325 million US dollars per plant), but whereas emergency decommissions,  clean-ups and recovery might be estimated to cost  from 1 to 10 billion Earth Hours per plant (50 to several hundred billion US dollars per plant);

    Whereas national legislation in some countries hosting nuclear power plants have established programs to publicly pay for the costs of decommissioning only in cases of major accidents or acts of terrorism, which money would be paid to the utilities and associated contractors in the business of nuclear power plants;

    And whereas the difference in value to the utilities and associated contractors between paying for the cost if there is no accident or terrorism, and being paid for the cost if there is an accident or terrorism might be on the order of 2 to 4 billion Earth Hours per plant (100 to 200 billion US dollars per plant);

    Whereas this value to the utilities and associated contractors is seen as an unacceptable motivation for accidental antecedents and terrorist intrigues;

    And whereas this value would not measure the cost to human society near the plant and around the Earth, where released radiation would spread, nor the cost to the clean-up workers in cases of uncontrolled decommissions;

    The present regulations vary from country to country and often create incentives, described here, for plant owners to sabotage or allow other disasters to happen. Given the immense danger of these planets in the case of accident or meltdown (as happened in Chernobyl), the Earth Federation in this bill has taken vital initial steps to protect the citizens of the Earth.

  10.  Economic Prosperity Act of 2010.

    This bill, passed into law unanimously by the Parliament with minor friendly amendments, is here presented in its entirely. It is self explanatory and reveals that thoughtful people (including many within the Earth Federation Movement and Provisional World Parliament) know perfectly well how to create widespread prosperity for the people of Earth.

    Thoughtful people also know well why the current economic nightmare forced upon the people of Earth by its dominant economic and military powers is a disaster for the well being of people as well as the environment. This bill, therefore, reveals how the emerging Earth Federation will deal with the global economic mess and how it will create with relative ease a decent world system of prosperity, freedom, and justice for the people of Earth.

    This bill exposes the lies of the economic and media lackeys of the world's ruling class and reveals the ease and freedom with which a decent economic order will be created under the Earth Federation:

    Economic Prosperity Act of 2010

    Whereas, we citizens of Earth are facing the worst global economic crisis, which is yet another certain indication of the irrationality and ineptitude of the current global economic system;

    Whereas, the function of the global monetary system under the Earth Constitution is to provide adequate purchasing power to ensure an environmentally sustainable production of goods and services for the people of Earth adequate to provide for the needs of all persons;

    Whereas, this system of banking owned by the people of Earth will spell the end of international finance capital speculating on national currencies, national productivity, or other derivative bets. This regime of speculation does not produce any real wealth while weakening and endangering the genuine production of goods and services in the real economy;

    Whereas the system called neoliberal economic globalization promoted by the World Bank, IMF, the United States, and the World Trade Organization has led to planetary economic disaster in which poor countries continue to export their resources in order to pay unsustainable international debts and offer their cheap labor for products that are not available to their own populations;

    Whereas the extremes of wealth and poverty in the world have continued to polarize through the past several decades making both the vast extent of global poverty and the vast concentrations of private wealth more obscene every year;

    Whereas the world spends more than a trillion U.S. dollars per year in unproductive and destructive militarism and war-making;

    Whereas, the Earth Federation is responsible for universal sustainable development and for ending the extremes of wealth and poverty on the Earth (Earth Constitution Articles 1.3, 4.12, 4.19, 4.30, 4.33,, 13.1, 13.6, 13.7, and 13.11);

    Whereas, the Earth Federation is empowered to create a planetary banking system (Article 8.7.6 and 6) to serve the people of Earth and promote the wide-spread access to technology (Article 4.33);

    Whereas, previous sessions the Parliament have already resolved that there is to be a single currency for humankind based on an hour of work and a basket of essential commodities, a single currency based in the central bank of the Federation of Earth, making monetary units for all nations of equal value and worth;

    Whereas, the global Equity Act (WLA 22) that places upper and lower limits on incomes within the Earth Federation and creates a guaranteed annual income through which starvation and extreme poverty will be eliminated from the Earth;

    Whereas, fundamental economic principles deriving from the Earth Constitution have already been developed by the Provisional World Parliament: WLA 7, 11, 18, 21, 23, and 38;

    And whereas, we expect that the reforms detailed below in global banking and investment, in global education, in global communications, in global technology transfer, and in global public service projects will together create reasonable, sustainable prosperity and economic self-sufficiency among the peoples of Earth.

    In furtherance of these Constitutional mandates and acts of the Provisional World Parliament,

    We delegates of the Twelfth Session of the Provisional World Parliament adopt this Economic Prosperity Act:

    1. Private creation of credit for speculation purposes (such as derivatives or hedge funds) is hereby abolished by law for all transactions and financial institutions transcending national borders;

    2. The Earth Federation encourages investment in sustainable and productive goods and services that transcend national borders through both private and public means.

    Agencies of the Earth Federation shall monitor investment to ensure (1) that workers and consumers are not exploited for private or personal gain, (2) that all goods and services are sustainable and environmentally sound, and (3) that sufficient sustainable production takes place so that poverty and want are rapidly eliminated from the Earth.

    3. A schedule determined by the World Parliament shall convert banking on the Earth to a public utility. The schedule ends private banking with due haste. Public banks shall democratically operate local, regional, national, and planetary banking in the service of the people of Earth and their universal prosperity. Banking is clearly the most fundamental of all public utilities to be used in the service of equitable planetary development. There is no good reason for private, profit oriented banking.

    Formerly private banks will still operate at the local level in communities worldwide and be largely staffed by the same people who formerly staffed private banks. Local banks know local citizens best and can best assess their credit and financial needs.

    4. As determined by legislation by the World Parliament, the World Financial Administration and the global banking system shall spend primary created money directly into existence as needed for infrastructure and other essential services and shall itself incur no debt in the process of doing this.

    5. The public global banking system shall offer loans at very small interest or only at the cost of an accounting fee to all private individuals, corporations, or public local, regional, or national governments who demonstrate a worthwhile sustainable, productive proposal. The purpose of these loans is to activate local, regional, and national economies worldwide thereby ending or greatly reducing poverty.

    The backing for these loans need not be collateral of any sort but the value of the goods and services produced through the enhanced productive capacity enabled by these capital loans or by the spending of government created primary money.

    6. The Earth Federation government shall promote and favor the development of local and regional economies, permaculture, and self-sufficient sustainable living among communities worldwide. Where conditions do not have the resources necessary to this process, Earth Federation agencies shall encourage regional economies to integrate resource poor regions into larger regions on the basis of sustainable, permanent, economies sufficient to eliminate poverty from the Earth.

    7. Upon the activation of the first operative stage of the Earth Federation, so far as financially possible, the Earth Federation Parliament will fund massive job creation programs for the purposes of replanting the Earth, restoring our planetary ecosystem, and preserving the arable lands and fresh water sources (as per WLA 6 and 30) for the Earth. This shall be named the "Global Sustainability Employment Project." This massive employment project for restoring the Earth will in turn activate regional economies around the world through the circulation of cash from the wages earned by its employees.

    8. Earth Federation financial agencies must not bail out the rich, or huge corporations facing bankruptcy, or the private banking industry with cash or credit infusions. Instead the World Financial Administration shall take over, buy up, or attain a controlling interest in all these enterprises in exchange for rescue cash or credit for failing institutions. CEOs may become employees of the public and may be compensated according to the compensation rules set forth in WLA 22, the Equity Act. In these ways the process of conversion from private banking to banking as a public utility proceeds in tandem with the process of creating a healthy economy on the Earth.

    9. The Earth Federation will create its own radio, TV, internet, and other communications systems in the service of the people of Earth, including sustainable economic development.

    Within these communication systems, a major component is free public education directed toward empowering people economically with technological, agricultural, and productive know-how.

    10. The World Parliament will create legislative guidelines for the ownership of technology within a framework governed by:

    10.1 protection of the environment and the health of people,

    10.2 rapid technology transfer from those who develop it to those who need it for economic development,

    10.3 the general equitable prosperity of the people of Earth.

    11. The Department of World Patents and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRS) shall administer the regulations created by the World Parliament.

    11.1 IPRS rulings are conditional rather than absolute. The World Parliament, in consultation with the proper Federation agencies and the Dept. of World Patents, will determine a reasonable royalty to be paid on any patented technology for its use by others. In this way, no technologies will be the exclusive property of corporations or individuals in ways that prevent sustainable development and prosperity.

    12. Even though the Earth Constitution mandates the removal of tariffs and other barriers to trade (Article 4.15), the Earth Federation banking and credit system, the Dept. of World Patents, and all other Federation agencies concerned with sustainable development shall emphasize the activation of regional and local self-sufficient economies as much as possible.

    12.1 We reaffirm that the purpose of an economic system is to employ people in sustainable, productive enterprises and not to enrich the few at the expense of the many. Free world trade should ultimately involve only those resources and commodities that are not easily available at the local and regional levels. Once the present system of exploitation of certain nations by others is ended, there should be little or no need for globalized international trading in goods and resources.


  11. Approval of Budget for the implementation of provisional world laws passed during the 12 sessions of the PWP.

    As with elsewhere in this session of Parliament, Dr. Eugenia Almand deserves great credit for envisioning and integrating the work of the Parliament as a whole over its 28 year history. A budget matrix was handed out to all delegates and parliament observers that included a list of the world legislative acts passed by the Parliament in its history of operation. Dr. Almand had allocated estimated budgets in Earth Currency to cover the operating expenses of each law requiring such a budget.

    No government can function without a budget and no set of laws can be enacted without the budgetary provisions necessary to actualize them. Dr. Almand, in cooperation with Institute on World Problems social scientist and monetary theorist Dr. Bob Blain, has developed and designed a beautiful model world currency to enter into use wherever people agree to accept this currency. The Earth Hour currency has a determinant value already defined by the PWP in terms of hours of work and a basket of essential commodities.

    This bill assigns operating budgets to all legislation requiring such budgets and projects into the future an Earth Federation operating efficiently with ample funding to accomplish its goals. The consistency, coherence, and integrity of our work took a major step forward with this bill.

  12. Conceptual Model for the Earth Federation based on the Earth Constitution

This declaration by the Parliament involved a 19 page booklet describing in some detail the kind of world that can be envisioned as arising from the Constitution and existing Parliament legislation. The booklet, written by Glen T. Martin, includes a Prologue that describes the paradigm shift behind the Earth Constitution and the Provisional World Parliament.

To date, no elaborated written picture of the emerging Earth Federation existed and there is some demand among people worldwide for such a model. The conceptual model was unanimously passed with three friendly amendments, thereby substantially advancing the Earth Federation Movement emerging under the Earth Constitution.

The booklet describes the world system emerging from the Constitution and existing world legislation as a Peace System, a Prosperity System, a Justice System, a Freedom System, and a Sustainability System. The reader is urged to study this document, which is on-line at and other locations.

The document, unanimously ratified by the Parliament, ends with the famous Earth Federation Movement call to "civil obedience." Unlike civil disobedience, so necessary within the failed system of autonomous nation-states, civil obedience involves the higher act of personally ratifying the Earth Constitution - thereby declaring that one is a world citizen recognizing the duty to live under world law and stepping out of the lawless anarchy that now exists beyond the borders of nation-states. The concluding paragraph reads:

As people begin to understand the vision, there is tremendous urgency that they also act on that vision with creativity, integrity, and energy. The Constitution must be ratified in a founding ratification convention according to the Protocols already developed by the Provisional World Parliament. It converts the present failed world system to peace, prosperity, justice, freedom, and sustainability. It replaces the U.N. Charter with real democratic government keeping the valuable agencies of the U.N. as ministries of the Earth Federation.

Nothing less than the fate of humanity and our precious planet Earth are at stake. We invite your participation. We invite you to a life of "civil obedience."

The reader of this report is also invited to submit and dedicate your life to the genuine, civilized rule of democratic world law, to enter a new world of genuine dignity and respect for all Earth's citizens, and to leave, with this act of civil obedience, the present world of lawlessness, violence, fear, and mutual destruction.



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