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          A mosque and minaret near our hotel signal the beauty and peace of Islam.  

This was our first session of Parliament in a Moslem country and our first session in Africa.  The earlier sessions of Parliament began in Brighton, England in 1982, then New Delhi, India, 1985, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, 1987, Barcelona, Spain, 1996, Malta, 2001, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2003, Chennai, India, December 2003, and Lucknow, India, 2004.




Our local hosts, through WCPA Vice-President, Dr. Ramadan Breki, reserved 100 rooms in the beautiful Al Kabir Hotel near the harbor in Tripoli




Tripoli harbor across the highway from the Parliament Hotel




A parliament banner was displayed in front of the hotel all week.




The closing session of Parliament was extended until April 15 in order to accomplish all the work we had to do.




The conference hall of the hotel was arranged in a huge rectangle with a microphone and water provided at each place setting.   Some of the delegates here arrange themselves on the left side of the Parliament chamber.




At the high table, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the General People's Conference, Mr. Suleman Shahomy (center of row), is guest of honor at the opening ceremonies. 

At the far left is Dr. Ramadan Breki, Vice-President of WCPA and host for the Parliament in Libya.  Next to him is Dr. T. P. Amerasinghe, from Sri Lanka, Parliament President and Chairperson.   To the left of Mr. Shahomy is Ms. Eugenia Almand, Official Parliament Secretary, parliamentarian, and author of much of the proposed legislation.  I am sitting at the right and looking toward Dr. Amerasinghe who is speaking.




Dr. Ramadan Breki is at the left side of the photo.   The Parliament is announced on the banner behind in French, Japanese, Arabic, and English.   On the banner in front in Esperanto.




Some delegates on the right side of the Parliament chamber.




In session: second from right (in the white suit) is Dr. Dauji Gupta, former Lord Mayor of Lucknow, India, and a Vice-President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA).




Some delegates pose early on for a group photo.  The synergy and rapport among delegates was very high and projected our Earth Federation Movement toward a promising future.




The Ninth Session of Parliament met in coordination with some delegations of the African Children's Parliament from various nations.   A number of African nations have developed children's parliaments and accepted our invitation to coordinate with the Provisional World Parliament, four nations that participated were Libya, Togo, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria.




On the second day of the parliament the children from the African Children's Parliaments met with us for ceremonies and to present a resolution to the Parliament.




An English-speaking leader of the Children's Parliament from Libya, Ms. Rawan Mohamed, Honourable Speaker of the African Children's Parliament, read the resolution proposed to the Parliament requesting the Parliament to join the fight to rollback malaria in Africa.   Next to her is Senator Samuel of Nigeria and a sponsor of the Children's Parliament in Nigeria.   (Senator Oyatolu Samuel FMP is former Deputy Senate Leader of Nigeria Children's Parliament and current Coordinator of the Lagos State Children's Parliament.)




Mr. Rishi (holding banner on left), Dr. Preeti Shankar (holding banner on the right) and Mr. Raj Chandola (keeling at right) present a proposal to Libya on behalf of the 30,000 children of the City Montessori School of Lucknow and the two billion children of the world.  Behind stand Dr. Breki and Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay, Director of ISISAR, Kolkata, India.




On April 15, the Parliament adjourned to attend the all-day symposium commemorating the U.S.-British attempt to assassinate the Leader of Libya, Muammar Gadaffi.




Scholars, dignitaries, and government officials spoke about the history, events, and implications of this act of aggression that killed several people, including a young daughter of Gadaffi.




The symposium hall at the Academy of Graduate Studies.  Present were a number of foreign ambassadors to Libya and other dignitaries (I sat next to the Ambassador from United Arab Emirates who spoke perfect English.)   All audience members were provided with headphones and simultaneous translation into any of several languages.   There were many reporters and TV crews present.

One high official in the General People's Conference of Libya angrily detailed the many acts of war by the United States against Islamic countries from 1986 to the present (including Afghanistan, Iraq, and the coming attack on Iran).  He declared something like the following: "They are trying to destroy the Arab world and Islamic civilization! This is war!  We are in a fight to the death!"




After the Libyan gentleman stormed out of the room, Parliament delegate Dr. Robert Blain (pictured here) followed him to a VIP lounge, asked to speak to him through an interpreter, and explained to him about the millions of U.S. citizens who strongly disagree with the murderous policies of the U.S. government.   He explained the work of the Parliament and why we were in Libya for the Ninth Session.   After some time in discussion, the Libyan gentleman embraced Bob Blain, and thanked him for coming forward.   This exemplifies to my mind the effect Parliament delegates have world-wide.  We serve as ambassadors for peace and a new world order.




Our Libyan hosts for the Parliament also arranged to have me speak on behalf of the Parliament.




I said that it is not enough to condemn acts of aggression, the people of Earth must unite together to form democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth in order to end war and aggression for all time.   Peace is not merely about culture or sentiments or attitudes.  It must be organized and established.  Peace can only be established and enforced through the rule of democratically legislated law.  The red in my eyes in this photo is not anger but passion for a transformed world order.

Here is a recording of my five minute talk if you wish to listen




The following day, Parliament delegates who wished to go were treated with a bus trip to the wonderful Roman ruins at Leptis Magna.




Two of our most active and committed delegates and WCPA leaders for may years are Bob Jackson (left) and Fred Kromah (third from left) from Liberia, who here pose with Parliament President, Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe from Sri Lanka and myself.




After the closing session on the evening of April 15, some Parliament delegates again pose for group photos.   At the left is Dr. Dominique Balouki, from Togo, WCPA Coordinator for Africa.




Flying back to the U.S. over the French Alps toward London, I reflected on how small our world has become.   The only thing smaller than our world are the small minds of the leaders of most governments who refuse to acknowledge this smallness of the world.   They refuse to deal with the realities of an, interdependent, integrated world that cries out for non-military, democratic world government.



The Tripoli Declaration of the Ninth Session of the Provisional World Parliament

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