Report of the 9th session of the

Provisional World Parliament

held in Tripoli, Libya
11 to 15 April, 2006

Written by Dr. Preeti Shankar, Assistant Parliament Secretary

Attested by Ms. Eugenia Almand, Parliament Secretary

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Introduction to the Parliament and to Libya

Day by day Chronology of the Parliament

List of Participants at the Parliament

Statement by the Parliament:  the "Tripoli Declaration"


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The 9th session of provisional World Parliament (PWP9) was held in Libya at Hotel al Kabir, Tripoli, from 11 to 15 April, 2006. It was organised by World Constitution and Parliament Association and hosted by The Peoples’ Revolutionary Committees Movement, Libya. The deliberations of the 9th PWP were broadcast by podcast by Radio for Peace International (RFPI) and are available on the internet at Ms Jean Parker of RFPI managed the radio broadcast and recording.


United we stand!

The 9th PWP was convened under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (also known as Earth Constitution). The aim of the Parliament was to consider new bills and amendments to acts already passed in the previous sessions of the PWP. It was also an opportunity for the people of the world to come together on a common platform and discuss global issues that are of immediate concern for the whole of humanity, to develop a plan for ratification of the Earth Constitution and to pave the way for forming a real World Parliament and a World Government.


Ms Eugenia Almand, Parliament
Secretary, with others.


Day by Day Chronology

April 9 and 10: Most of the delegates arrived at Tripoli airport on the 9th and 10th of April and were warmly received by Mr Rajab Sheha, on behalf of the hosts -- the Revolutionary Committees Movement, Libya and later by Mr Ramadan Breki, Vice-President, WCPA, Libya. We were whisked off in cars to the grand Al Kabir Hotel and ushered into comfortable rooms many of which afforded a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. The food and other arrangements at the hotel were superb and suited to people of different continents. Dinner time was also a time for stimulating intellectual interaction, discussion on world problems and development of understanding of various cultures.

Left to right: Dr. Preei Shankar, Dr. Glen Martin, Dr. Terence Amerasinghe

April 11: This was the great inaugural day when the Parliament actually began. Professor Glen Martin, Secretary General, WCPA welcomed all the delegates. There was a round of self-introduction. The Guest of Honour was Mr Suleiman Shahumi, Secretary, Committee for Foreign Liaison, Peoples’ National Congress, Libya. He said he was extremely happy to be at the PWP and appreciated the efforts of the organisers. He informed that Libya’s system of governance was one of direct democracy, which gave power and authority to the people to take decisions through Basic Peoples’ conferences. This, he said, was in line with the Declaration of Peoples’ authority taken on March 2, 1977 when Libya was divided into Basic Peoples’ Conferences. It was put into law as Law No 1 in 1969 which stipulates in the first Article that the Authority is for the people exercised through the Basic Peoples’ Committees, male and female, including members of 18 years and beyond.

This experiment of direct democracy in Libya, should be studied by scholars the world over and is closest to real democracy opposed to representative democracy. He said that Libya insists on international relations being based upon mutual respect, justice and equality, mutual benefit, respect of peoples’ sovereignty and choices and respect for human rights as given in its international document. It calls for non-interference in internal affairs and negates the use of power or force or practice of double standards in international relations. It calls for respect for international law, reform of the United Nations, transference of decision to General Assembly so that the Security Council becomes an Executive Organ under the General Assembly and veto powers are done away with. It distinguishes between terrorism and fighting for one’s freedom and rejects attempts to Islamize terrorism. Terrorism, he added, has no nationality, no religion and no colour. There should be international laws to prohibit anyone from playing with any religion and hurting the sentiments of others. He welcomed the delegates at the World Parliament. It is our responsibility to take steps that guarantee peace and security for the next generation.


CMS delegation led by Mr R. S. Chandola makes presentation thanking Beloved Leader, Moammar Gaddaffi, for supporting children’s appeal for a world parliament. Also, the African Children’s Parliament appealed for provisional World Parliament assistance (background) also made a presentation to help Roll Back Malaria and to eradicate malaria.

Dr Terence Amerasinghe, President, WCPA and Speaker, 9th PWP, thanked Mr Shahumi for his very instructive address. He said that the Provisional World Parliament was meeting for the first time on African- Arabian soil. Libya has a great history in the past and present and greater achievements are expected in the future. Before Rome became a great city, Libya had a glorious history. There were prosperous cities on the shores of the Mediterranean. Despite the ravages caused by Phonecians, Romans, Vandals and Greeks, Libya has continued to lead Africa and modern history is teeming with the heroic struggle of Col. Gaddaffi who has helped the Libyans to establish control over their own affairs. The greatest contribution of Libya is the system of Direct democracy. All the world’s resources are to be used equally for the cause of human welfare.

The WCPA is working to give authority to the people and this is also the primary aim of the Green Book. The United Nations must be replaced by a World Parliament. He asked everyone present to read the Earth Constitution. Dr Glen Martin and Ms Eugenia Almand, Deputy Secretary General and Parliament Secretary moved the Bill Enabling legislation for the Office of the World Ombudsmus or Public Defender. After discussion on this Bill, it was unanimously passed through voting. The other bills passed on this day were Enabling Legislation for the Department of Conflict Resolution within the Federation of Earth. Introduced and moved by Glen T. Martin. Professor Glen T. Martin has edited a book World Revolution through World Law which contains the basic documents of the emerging Earth Federation.


20 years ago, America bombed Libya killing Gaddaffi’s two year
old daughter. We attended the anniversary commemorating the
same at the Academy of Graduate Studies, Tripoli


April 12: On 12th of April, Ms Eugenia Almand introduced the Bill banning the production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons (World Legislative Act 33) (and nuclear weapons elimination protocol (WLA 34)). After a lot of discussion with active inputs from Dr Timi Ecimovic, Head, SEM Institute for Climate Change and, Slovenia, Dr Santinath Chattopadhyay, Kolkata, India, Mr. Shankar Narayan of SIMPOL, India, the Bills were passed. There was also a Bill for making Guantanamo Bay, Cuba into World Territory and ordering the US to abandon its military base at that location (WLA 36). About 40 children from African Children’s Congress made a presentation before the PWP requesting the Parliament to take urgent steps to prevent, control and eradicate malaria in African countries. Their appeal was unanimously accepted by the Parliament. After that, the City Montessori School delegation comprising Mr R. S. Chandola, Dr Preeti Shankar and Mr Rishi Khanna made a presentation on the City Montessori School campaign for World Parliament on behalf of 30,000 City Montessori School students representing the world’s two billion children and generations yet to be born. They thanked Col. Gaddaffi for this support to the children’s appeal for a World Parliament. The presentation was recorded by TV Jamahiriya, the national TV channel of Libya and shown in the evening.

Dr Balouki Simfei from Togo brought greetings from the children of Togo in Africa and offered to host the next session of the World Parliament in Togo with active support from the President of Togo. Mr Sarwar Alam, of Bangadesh and Canada, Youth Coordinator, WCPA, urged more involvement of the youth in PWP. He said that our heads may be burdened with problems, but we have hands to act and hearts to heal the wounds. He emphasized the importance of channeling the energy of the youth for constructive purposes and said that working for World Parliament was the best way to do it.  The bills passed on this day were “Intensifying the Campaign for Ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and suggestions for a Road Map; Bill banning the Production of Fissile Materials for Nuclear Weapons , Nuclear Weapons Elimination Protocol, and the Nuclear Contamination Act (WLA 35), the Bill for making Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, into World Territory and ordering the U.S. to dismantle its military base at that location. These were moved from the Disarmament Commission and introduced by Ms. Eugenia Almand. Dr. Timi from Slovenia, Dr. Shankarnarayana from India and Dr. Patricia Murphy from USA gave valuable comments and suggestions.


Mr. Rajab Sheha managed all our little problems with great
expertise from the official Parliament Office at the hotel

Dr. Bob Blain, delegate from USA spoke on the need for one world currency in order to eliminate the unfair exchange rates that help transfer billions of dollars from poor countries to rich countries every year. The delegates also pondered on ways and means of intensifying the campaign for ratification of the Earth Constitution and suggested a Road Map for it. 13 April: The delegates were invited to the Academy of Graduate Studies where The International Symposium was held on the Atlantic American cruel aggression on Libyan Jamahiriya, during Reagan-Thatcher administration. Several learned scholars participated in this symposium and denounced the American bombardment on the house of the leader with an intent to kill him on 15 April 1986. In this attack by American airplanes, several innocent women and children were killed and wounded, the most tragic being the death of the two year old daughter of Col Gaddaffi, Hannah.

Professor Martin also addressed the audience and said that the only way to stop these repeated attacks was by adopting the Constitution for the Federation of the Earth and forming a World Parliament. The delegates were treated to a sumptuous lunch afterwards at the Academy. The bills introduced and passed on this day were: Privileges and Immunities Bill: Agreement on the World Federal Privileges and Immunities (WLA 37), based largely on the already in force Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the International Criminal Court., Financing the Provisional World Parliament and Ratification Convention introduced by Prof. Glen. T. Martin as the Public Utilities Act (WLA 38).


Dr. Amerasinghe, President, WCPA, thanks the Guest of Honour, Mr Suleiman Shahumi, Secretary, Committee for Foreign Liaison, Peoples’ National Congress, Libya.

After they returned from the Academy, Ms Eugenia Almand introduced the Privileges and Immunities Bill and the Elections Act. The financing of PWP and Ratification Convention and the future venues of the Parliament were also discussed. Togo, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Maldives were suggested. Dr Dauji Gupta, former Lord Mayor of Lucknow spoke on the birth anniversary of the Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. He paid rich tribute to this great son of the soil who drafted the Constitution drawing the best from several other constitutions and the great philosophy of India based upon the idea of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam, i.e. the Earth is but one family. Dr R. Ananthanarayanan was specially honoured by Dr Terence Amerasinghe for his immense contribution in spreading the idea of World Parliament and Earth Constitution in South India by organizing seminars and workshops.


Young ladies of Libya took great interest in the
Parliament proceedings

April 14: Visit to Leptis Magna: On 14 April, the Parliament completed deliberation on the Agreement on the World Federal Privileges and Immunities, adopting the Agreement. Also, the Parliament considered a bill for Public Utilities. These allocations were adopted after some discussion, in positive response to the requests for support to begin fiscal provisions to combat malaria and other diseases, to support the world judiciary, and to help finance the provisional World Parliament itself. Afterwards, the delegates visited Leptis Magna, the ruins of an ancient Roman city. It was a unique experience. The delegates saw the huge amphitheatre, columns, arches and gates which spoke of a thriving world civilization. Photos were clicked and souvenirs bought from the souvenir shop.

In the evening, the delegates visited the former house of the Beloved Leader of Libya, Col. Muammar Gadaffi. This house was bombed by American planes on 15 April 1986 and is still preserved in its damaged state with broken almirahs, walls with holes, broken roof etc. Col. Gadaffi’s daughter, Ayesha, looked stunning in a spotless white suit, as she addressed the gathering in chaste Arabic (translated to English), as she recounted her experience of the horrible night 20 years ago, when the Americans attacked her home and destroyed her toys. She recalled her father exclaiming, “Allah O’ Akbar, Allah O’ Akbar.” The surprise item was a beautiful musical performance by popular singer, Lionel Richie. CITY MONTESSORI SCHOOL sent an invitation to the Beloved Leader inviting Col. Gadaffi to address through video conferencing. The Chief Justices’ Conference to be organised by City Montessori School in December 2006.


We had a wonderful time at the
Roman ruins in Leptis Magna

April 15: The closing ceremony Mr Suleiman Shahumi, was the chief guest at the closing ceremony. Mr Ramadan Breki, Vice-President, WCPA, gave a presentation of the Direct Democracy in Libya. It was pointed out that since the Parliamentary system prevailing in several countries could not solve the problems of the people all over the world, we will not repeat the same mistake again. For the benefit of the people, the Federation should be based on practising the authority of the people –how people can make a decision without representation .This idea will lead to strength and make the Constitution more powerful. To implement, they will form a Committee of 10 members and see which Article will be modified to adopt Direct Democracy. Committee will transfer the results of its work to the President and Secretary General of PWP to circulate this to all members of WCPA and PWP and the decision to change the constitution will be taken in the next Constituent Assembly. Dr. Glen Martin read out the Tripoli Declaration which is appended at the end of this report.

Closing session continued:  Mr Shahumi extended his warm wishes to the PWP and assured the delegates of full support in their work. After this several participants made presentations individually like Dr. Ananthanarayanan of Chennai, India on World Peace through World Parliament, Dr. Balouki Simfei of Togo, Africa on the next PWP to be held in Togo, Dr. Bob Blain on Earth currency, Dr. Alexander Chumakov from Russia on globalization, Dr. Shanti Nath Chattopadhyay on creative and constructive and democracy, etc. (Dr. Chattopadhyay is Executive Director of the International Society for Intercultural Study and Research (ISISAR), an important Indian organization that works closely with WCPA and the Institute On World Problems.) Dr. Preeti Shankar read out a report on the 9th PWP held at Tripoli, Libya. Dr Amerasinghe of Sri Lanka, President of PWP thanked all the delegates and gave away the certificates to the participants.

April 16 onwards: Farewell: Some delegate members started leaving for their respective countries on 15th April . This departure stepped up on 16 April. Goodbyes were said with promises to meet again in the near future. Our special thanks to the Libyan Government led by the Beloved Leader, Brother, Moammar Al Gadaffi, hosts Dr. Ramadan Breki, Mr. Rajab Sheha and Mr. Fathi for their support and help. The spirit of World Unity still binds us all together.


Luncheon at the Academy of Graduate Studies, Tripoli.  From right to left around the table: Brian Blain, Jean Parker, Dr. Preeti Shankar

Participants of the 9th Session of the PWP

The 56 delegates from 19 countries worldwide included the following:

Dr Terence P. Amerasinghe (Sri Lanka), President, WCPA and Speaker at the PWP, Prof. Glen T. Martin – USA, Secretary General, WCPA, Ms Eugenia Almand (USA and Japan), Deputy Secretary General, WCPA, Dr Dauji Gupta (India), Vice-President, WCPA and former Lord Mayor, Lucknow, Dr Ramadan Breki (Libya), Vice-President, WCPA, Mr H. M. Sarwar Alam (Canada and Bangladesh), Youth Coordinator, WCPA, Dr Preeti Shankar (India), Assistant Parliament Secretary, Mr Raj Shekhar Chandola (India), Mr Rishi Khanna (India), Mr. Brian Buckminister Blain (USA), Dr. Robert Raymond Blain (USA), Dr Timi Ecimovic (Slovenia), Dr Nikolay Biryukov, (Russia), Mr Mohammed Asharfuzzaman (Bangladesh), Mr Hossain Shahdat (Bangladesh), Mr Rahman Ashikur (Bangladesh), Dr Ramanujam Ananthanarayanan (India), Mr Nalin Naomal Perera Jayasurya (Sri Lanka), Mr Kamal Muthukuda (Sri Lanka), Dr. Patricia Murphy (USA), Mr Raymond M Boussiengui (Gabon), Dr. Kulic Slavko (Croatia), Dr. Marija Pavkov (Croatia), Dr Lohmus Ramsurn (Mauritius), Dr Shanthigod Rajaram Tholpadi (India), Ms Takeda Salma Tjundi (Mauritania), Dr Hebbale Anantharamaiah Shankaranarayan (India), Dr. Alexander Chumakov (Russia), Dr Santi Nath Chattopadhyay (India), Academician, Prof. Dr. Zemfira Verdiyeva (Azerbajian), Prof. Dr. Minira Garayeva (Azerbajian), Mr Abdul Akber Halaldeen (Sri Lanka), Mr Maufiya Akber (Sri Lanka), Ms Soili Lyytikainen (Finland), Dr. Mujibur Rahman (Bangladesh), Ms Jean K Parker (India), Senator Samuel Oyatolu Oyebisi FMP (Nigeria), Dr Simfrei Magouwedeou Balouki (Togo), Mr Fred Kromah (Liberia), Mr Bob Jackson (Liberia), Ms Lia Genovese (U.K.), Sarra Elkumati (Libya), Fathi A Bassit (Sudan), Kawthar Aldeeb (Libya), Amna al Tohami (Libya), Fathia Ebrebish (Libya), Hayer Juma Shtewi (Libya), al Khamsa Said Aljali (Libya), Asma Meftah (Libya), Gada Alasfer (Libya), Abdelbaset Bet Alam (Libya), Ali Abdallah (Libya), Eng. Rajab Sheha (Libya), Dr. Salem Zubydi (Libya), Khalifa Alderbak (Libya), Abdel Giader Ehwedi (Libya).

The above preliminary report of the Ninth Session was prepared by Assistant Parliament Secretary Dr. Preeti Shankar, and is attested by Parliament Secretary Eugenia Almand. Over the next several weeks, the Secretariat will compile and report the more detailed results of the Ninth Session of the provisional World Parliament.



Tripoli Declaration

of the Ninth Session of the Provisional World Parliament

We members of the Provisional World Parliament, meeting at the Al Kabir Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, April 11-14, 2006, having done substantial work in this session toward building a transformed world order of peace, justice, and prosperity for all the citizens of Earth, hereby make the following declaration:

We call upon the nations and peoples of the world to join us in the building of a truly democratic world order, free of the violence and horror with which humankind has entered the 21st century. We call upon the nations and citizens of the world to ratify the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and bring the criminal pre-history of human civilization to an end forever.

We condemn the militarism, war-mongering, and global chaos caused by both the large and small nation-states of the world. This world-wide violence by nation-states, and its inevitable response in horrific acts of terrorism, are intrinsic consequences of a world where nations recognize no enforceable law above themselves. For each one sees itself as "sovereign," that is, beyond the law.

Under this horrific world-system, approximately 193 supposedly independent nations compete for ascendancy, wealth, resources, or prestige. Nations feel they must "save face" as if they were schoolchildren engaged in playground rivalries. Ideology and rhetoric fly between nations, instead of reasoned discourse, debate, and open discussion. Meanwhile, impervious to our rhetoric, planetary climate change proceeds unchecked portending the collapse of our global ecosystem and its ability to sustain all higher forms of life.

The doctrine of "pre-emptive self-defense," used by the United States to justify its criminal invasion and destruction of the people of Iraq, is merely an extreme version of the doctrine that every nation militarize itself to protect its independence and sovereignty, a doctrine that has led to approximately twenty-five million deaths and 130 wars since the advent of the United Nations.

We condemn the attacks of the United States against Afghanistan and Iraq as barbaric, inhuman, and unspeakably evil. No redeeming value can come from destroying other people’s homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals, and from murdering innocent civilians. We condemn the savage treatment of prisoners in the prisons and torture centers created by the United States. We stand with our Libyan hosts and the good people of the great Libyan Jamahiriya, as well as with the majority of the world’s population, as simply human beings shocked and appalled at such behavior.

The 20th anniversary of the 1986 cruel Atlantic-American aggression on the Libyan Jamahiriya and the great leader Muammar Gadaffi’s providential escape to lead the revolution to greater heights was observed while the Provisional World Parliament was in session. The cruel aggression was denounced, but at the same time the will to meet it and advance toward a warless world where U.S. hegemony would be defeated and crushed by the peoples of Earth was not clearly found except in the spokespersons for the Provisional World Parliament. Only the realization of sovereignty for the people of Earth, through the ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and the establishment of democratic world government, can end such aggression on Earth forever.

The morally egregious behavior of the United States underlines the illusion of international law. International law is not law but voluntary rules that supposedly apply to entities called nations, entities that in principle recognize no law above themselves. But the imperial arrogance of the United States, so reminiscent of Nazi Germany, is only a product of a world system that has plagued humankind for at least the past four centuries. Before the United States, it was Britain, and France, and Germany, and Japan, and Portugal, and Spain. In a world of 193 independent sovereign entities, imperialism, war, competition, distrust, and economic greed are inevitable.

The global system of nation-states also allows the wealthy in powerful nations to exploit and dehumanize through poverty the poor in weaker nations. When the poor rebel because of their poverty, the system of sovereign nation-states leaves little choice but to repress them militarily through "counter-insurgency warfare," torture, disappearances, and massacres in order to maintain the "law and order" that allows the global system of economic exploitation to continue functioning. This system of world-wide repression of the poor in order to maintain the global system of domination and exploitation has led to a massive international business in weapons sales, military training, surveillance and spying, and repression of human rights.

Not only does the United States government stand condemned on historical, conceptual, and moral grounds, but the world-system of nation-states also stands condemned on these grounds. The current struggles involving the U.S. with respect to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and a dozen other places are simply manifestations of this system of chaos and cruelty that has existed for centuries. We condemn as well the U.S. threats to attack Iran with nuclear and other weapons. This system must be replaced with democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

The only legitimate sovereignty is the sovereignty of the people of Earth. The only way nation-states can be made legitimate is through federation under the Earth Constitution that simultaneously ends war and militarism, ends the struggle for domination and exploitation, creates universal prosperity for all peoples, and guarantees the rule of law and universal human rights to all citizens of Earth. Peace and democracy as cultural values are the key to transformation of the world. Power and violence can never transform the world.

At this concluding session of the Provisional World Parliament, we call out urgently to our brothers and sisters in every country on Earth: stop the madness, stop the slaughter, stop the destruction of human beings and our planetary environment. Join with us in ratifying the nonmilitary, democratic Constitution for the Federation of Earth.



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