Photos from the

Sixth Provisional World Parliament

Bangkok, Thailand

March 24-27, 2003

Convening in conformance with Article19 of the Earth Constitution


Sixth Session Photos




Parliament Co-Presidents:  Left: Dr Terence Amerasinghe (Sri Lanka).  Center:  Dr. Reinhart   Ruge (Mexico).   Both have also been Co-Presidents for many years of the World Constitution and Parliament Association.   Both have criss-crossed the world in the service of world peace and democratic world government under the Constitution.




Here I am with my good friend E.P. Menon from Bangalore, India.  In 1962 and 1963 Menon walked (literally) from South India to Moscow, to Paris, to London (crossed the Atlantic by ship to New York), to Washington, DC, to San Francisco (crossed to Tokyo), to Hiroshima.   He did this to protest the madness of nuclear weapons.    Today, he is Executive Trustee of India Development Foundation in Bangalore.







The Earth Constitution specifies three houses of Parliament: House of Peoples (elected by population from 1000 electoral districts), House of Nations (elected or appointed by each nation), and House of Counselors (200 from 20 electoral regions) who represent the common good of all peoples and the Earth itself.


Back row: Student delegation from City Montessori School of Lucknow, India.  Left to right: Mohit Wadha, Rohit Wadha, Abhileen Chaturvedi, Aditya Shukla.   Front: Myself (USA), Teacher Daniel Subba (Lucknow, India), John Ewbank (USA).    John Ewbank is a patent attorney from Pennsylvania and Director of Home Rule Globally, an organization working for a Federation of Earth that respects local autonomy and freedom.







The Earth Federation is non-military in which the supreme authority resides the the World Parliament.  World Police (non-military) are allowed only such weapons as required to apprehend individuals.  For only individuals violate the law.  Groups and nations must never be targeted for the crimes of a few.


Delegates from many countries debate proposed legislation and resolutions under the authority of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth    Front, center (in the dark suit) is Professor Sheshrao Chavan from Aurangabad, India.   Professor Chavan has written seven books on Gandhi and for many years has been active in the movement for world peace.   He is director of the Aurangabad chapter of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a world-wide organization devoted to Gandhian principles.

          This Parliament passed a World Peace Act, A World Security Act, and a Hydrocarbon Resource Act among its legislation.  Delegates are all personal ratifiers of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth which they consider to be the supreme legitimate law of the Earth.  The process of ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth is independent of legislation passed by these Provisional World Parliaments.  When the official World Parliament convenes, it will consider whether to officially adopt the legislation enacted by Provisional World Parliaments.



 There are four main branches of the Earth Federation under the World Parliament.  The first two are: (1) the World Judiciary with eight benches, including a bench for human rights, a bench for disputes between nations, a bench for criminal cases, and a bench for civil cases.

    (2) The World Executive with no authority to suspend the Constitution or refuse to implement the legislation and budgets determined by the World Parliament.


Some Parliament delegates assemble for a group photo.  Center front with grey suit and dark tie is a representative from the Thai government sent to welcome the Parliament.   Left of him in the white suit is Dr. Phichai, head of the Office of the World Peace Envoy, Thailand.   At the far left of the front row is Shri Karikar Vaitha from Chennai, India, to whom the Parliament presented a "Global Peace Award" for his lifelong work in the service of world peace under democratic world government.




Delegates of the Parliament at the Kuan-Yin Interreligious Park of the World Peace Envoy in Southwest Thailand.   Behind is the carving of the Thousand Eyed Shiva seen close-up in the Thailand photos section of this web site.   I am seated on the steps fourth from the left.  Standing at the left front is Mr. Dhanabhumi Pabhassarakul, our wonderful host and organizer on behalf of the Office of the World Peace Envoy.




The third and fourth branches of the Federation are: (3)  The World Attorney Generals and Police whose job it is to enforce world law (that includes two bills of rights, one political and one economic) and prosecute offenders.     

(4) The World Ombudsmus, a separate branch of government devoted to protecting human rights world-wide, including possible violations by the Earth Federation itself.


Eugenia Almand (USA), Executive Director Institute On World Problems and Parliament Secretary, addresses the assembly.  Ms Almand wrote most of the legislation that was considered by the Parliament.   Behind is a chart on how democratic world government will work under the Earth Constitution.




                                       The Earth Constitution is designed to solve the world problems that are insoluble under the system of so-called "sovereign" nation-states.  It solves the problem of militarism ( weapons of war as well as mass destruction).  It solves the global environmental crisis.  It eradicates poverty for all citizens of Earth and addresses the global population crisis.  As such it is the only possible rational form of government for the 21st century and beyond.


Dr. Dauji Gupta, Member of Parliament in the state of U.P., India, and former Mayor of Lucknow, promises to introduce a resolution supporting ratification of the Constitution at the Parliament back in India




Venerable Bhikkhu Ariyawanso, World Peace Envoy, welcomes the delegates of the Sixth Provisional World Parliament.   At the end of the week, the delegates traveled to the 100 acre Kuan-yin Interreligious Park, home Office of the World Peace Envoy and place of attraction for its beauty and religious art from around the world.



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