Ten Photos from the Island of Malta


Malta is at the center of the map, just below Sicily



A Harbor on the north coast of Malta in the city where we held the Fifth Provisional World Parliament in November 2000



The immense waves at evening catch the sunlight








Further down the coast in the same city.   The wild sea pounds the city evoking  the power and beauty of nature for which to people of Malta have a deep feeling.




The boardwalk




Many small artificial harbors shelter boats, small and large




Another view of this wonderful north coastline at low tide




For many centuries, life in Malta has centered around the sea




Some delegates of the Fifth Provisional World Parliament at one of the many fine restaurants, November 2000




  To the left is Hari Homaro Vacal, owner of the New Humanity Center in Kalamata, Greece.  His Center works for world spiritual and political unity.  It has a library that includes Earth Constitutions in many languages and other documents fostering world unity. The gentleman at the right is Jeffrey Gale, a peace-design architect from England.

The two women at the table are from Turkey.  At home, they are part of a struggle for the right of Turkish women to wear the headscarf if they so choose. To me this is an interesting aspect of human rights, since many think of the traditional Moslem dress requirements for women as oppressive.  These women want the right to dress in traditional religious ways.  Oppression, they say, includes the Turkish government's arbitrary imposition of secular dress in public places.


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