Dec. 14-Jan. 15

Lucknow to Agra to Delhi to Chennai to Pondicherry to Auroville to Trivandum to Bangalore to Hyderabad



and Lucknow Chief Justices Conference

Dec. 14 to Jan. 15

Transcripts of the Global Peace Meet lectures

Written report corresponding to these photos

On the CMS peace march with Justice Sayekwo Geoffrey from Kampala, Uganda

On tour of the sights of Lucknow with some of the Justices

With a girl from the Universal Federation of Love and Dr. Dauji Gupta, our venerable longest-term Vice-President and leader of WCPA Global.

With Professor Ananthanarayanan, my wife Phyllis Turk, and our kind hostess, Dr. Preeti Shankar.

Martin and Turk at the Taj

With Amit Paul, President Delhi Chapter WCPA

To my right is Prof. Darvesh Gopal, Director, School of Social Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University

Meditating in the Sri Aurobindo Building at Auroville

At Auroville

Ananthanarayanan, Turk and Martin at the Mahalapurum Rock Temples by the Bay of Bengal south of Chennai.

With the group of activists, journalists, and professors assembled by Menon to hear about the Earth Constitution.

E.P. Menon and Phyllis Turk on New Year's eve in downtown Bangalore.

Opening Ceremonies for the new WCPA Office at the Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust building in Chennai. Facing the camera is Ms. Sudesh Sharma from Delhi, who has pledged to work with the WCPA team in building the Earth Federation.

Center: Swami S.A.R.P.V. Chaturvedi, founder Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust

Alexander Chumakov (above), Igor Kondrishin (my right), Richard Clugston (my left).

From left backrow: Dr. Igor Kondrishan, Dr. Alexander Chumakov, Mr. Hendrick Hol.  From right: Dr. Tom Daffern, Dr. Glen T. Martin, Dr. Richard Clugston, Mr. Andres Esquivel.  Center front: Dr. Swaminathan and S.A.R.P.V. Chaturvedi.

With Dr. Swaminathan and his lovely wife in front of the "Glass House" in the big park in Bangalore.

Dr. Alexander Chumakov presents while Dr. Igor Kondrishan comes next, then Swami Chaturvedi and Dr. Richard Clugston.

At the Gandhi Bhavan in Banglore with the Director, who was himself a freedom fighter jailed for putting out an underground newsletter during the struggle for independence.

A lovely woman sits in front of the Peace Meet sign in Hyderabad.

At an art institute in Hyderabad, an image of the Earth in agony with cameras spying on everything from every angle.

A group photo in Hyderabad now includes Dr. Evelyn Gusi and Ambassador Gusi administrators of the Gusi Peace Prize International.

Ambassador Barry Gusi, Dr. Evelyn Gusi and our gracious host, Dr. Swaminathan, Trustee Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust.

At the Peace Meet in Hyderabad.

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